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Regular Stage Crate
With a CRESBI Stage Crate you get a collapsible, stackable reusable "box" that helps you save time, save space and save the environment! Add a Short Strap to make it "pop" open and be even easier to carry!
Colossal Stage Crate Short Strap or Shoulder Strap sold separately.
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Product Code: N0262
Price: $14.95

open collapse Colors open green blue color pattern straps Pink lime lime

Save time! Save space! Save the environment!
With the Regular Stage CRESBI crate you get a collapsible, stackable reusable "box" with that offers many benefits!
Add a short strap or shoulder strap to make it even easier to carry!

Saves space by easily collapsing down into its rim.
Saves time since you can shop, put items in your crate with the barcodes up, checker scans without removing!
Carry props, makeup, and more because it holds so much yet is small enough that it's hard to overload one.
Earth-friendly solution for craft services or catering since each crate can replace up to 6 plastic bags!
Durable straps can be added or removed if needed.
Both strap and crate are dishwasher safe.
Regular Convenience CRESBI (15"W x 10"D x 8"H), Colossal Convenience CRESBI (17"W x 12"D x 10"H).
Both are rated to hold up to 20 pounds.
Available regular size crate colors are blue, green, lime, pink and red.
See video below of how to us:

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