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NEW: Stage Crate
Abstract & Grills
ALL BN Face Painting
ANSI Code Lamps
Aprons & Petticoats
Assembly Armor
Bangle Trim
Battery Operated
Battle Weapons
Beaded Ribbon Trim
Belts, Sashes & Scarves
Ben Nye
Blacklight & Fluorescent
Blacklight Clothing
Blacklight Fabrics/Trims
Blacklight Items
Blacklight Lighting
Blacklight Makeup
Blacklight Props
Blacklight Stage Products
Body Props
Body Props
Braided Trim
Buckram Hat Forms
CalColor Filters
Careers / Occupations
Caring for your Wig
Celebrations & Festivities
Chiffon & Sheer
Chroma Key Paints
Cinco De Mayo
Cinegel Filters
Clown Stuff
Coats & Capes
Collars, Ties & Garters
Color Cake
Color Lamps
Costume Accessories
Costume Lights
Creme Color Liners
Dance Accessories
Dance Costumes
Dance Items
Decorations & Gifts
Diffusion Filters
Ears & Tails
Easter Bunnies
Easter Passion
Effect Lighting
Fabrics & Trims
Face Painting
Face Painting
Face/Body Art
Fake Food/Drink
Fake Fur
Fantasy & Fun
Feather Masks
Feather Masks & Wigs
Feathers & Feather Tails
Fire & Water
Flame Bulbs
Fog Machines
Follow Spot
Follow Spots
Fringe Trim
Fruits & Vegetables
Fur & Animal Prints
Gel Filters
Gel Frames
Gel Packs
Glitterglam Liquid
Hair Products
Hands, Feet & Torso
Hats & Headwear
Historical Props
Holidays & Themes
HPL & HX Lamps
Iddings Deep Colors
Incandescent & General
Job Props
Kits & FX Wheels
Kits/FX Wheels
Knives & Daggers
Light Stands
Lighting Items
Lumiere Grand Color
Lumiere Luxe Powder
Magicolor Liquid Face Paints
Mardi Gras / Carnivale
Mask Accessories
Meat, Bread & Dairy
Mesh & Net
Middle Ages / Renaissance
Mirror Balls/Motors
Mirror Balls/Motors
Mirror Balls/Motors
Motifs & Motif Trim
New Years
Off Broadway
Other Trim
PAR Hoods
Par Hoods
PAR Lamps
Pattern Holder
Pearl Sheen Accents
Powder Cheek Rouge
Pressed Eye Shadow
Props & Additions
Revolvers, Rifles & Pistols
Ribbon Trim
RickRack Trim
Roman Elite
Roscolene Filters
Roscolux Filters
Sealers & Removers
Sequin & Foil Fabric
Sequin Fabric
Sequin Trim
Sequin Trim
Sequin Trim
Shirts, Skirts & Pants
Shoes & Boots
Sky & Clouds
Socks & Legwear
Sound Effects/Dialogue
Sparklers Glitter
Special Effects
Special Effects
Sports & Games
St Patrick's Day
Stage Products
Stage Props
Storaro Filters
Super Saturated
Suspenders & Vests
Sweets & Junk Food
Swords & Rapiers
Tablecovers / Confetti
Theatrical Sets
Tools of the Trade
Tough Prime
Trees & Foliage
Ultimatte Video Paints
Vegas / Gangster
Velvet & Velour
Vivid FX
Wall/Table/Floor Props
Windows & Doors
New Additions
New Hats
New Fabrics, Notions & Trims
New Lighting & DJ
Stretch Fabrics (Solid)
Stretch Fabrics (Print)

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Breakaway Wine Bottles
Marabou with Beads
Scatter Flakes Snow
Breakaway Beer Bottles
Blueberry Muffin
Triple Scoop Cone
Pork Chop
Provolone Cheese
Multigrain Round Bread
.22cal Blanks-Shorts
Pinze Nez
Designer Sunglasses
Wrap Sunglasses
Kid's Sunglasses *DS*
Glitter Glasses
Neon Silk Petal Lei
Treasure Map
Giant Long Tie
Bow Tie
Grass Mat
Gleam'n Curtain
Spooky Cloth
Snowflake Cutouts
Star Fan
Awards Night Star Statue
Awards Night Star Cutout
Star Peel-n-Place
Graduation Cap Photo/Balloon Holder
Wall Torch
Barbed Wire Garland
Coffin Box
Playing Card Cutouts
50's Pink Ladies Jacket
Satin Sash
Queen's Tiara
Heart Tiara
King/Queen Robe
King/Queen Robe Child
Plush Chimp Mask
Plush Gorilla Mask
Plush Chicken Mask
Plush Pig Mask *DS*
Plush Bear Mask
Plush Cat Mask *DS*
Hurricane Haze Fogger
Megaphone (plastic)
Pop Star Key Chain/Necklace *CO*
Blacklight Unit and Bulb
Jesus Costume
Mary Magdalene
Arabian Shiek Costume
Roman / Wiseman Costume
Pontius Pilate
Classic Angel Costume
Noble Maiden
Medieval Knight
King Henry
Queen Ann
Renaissance Man
Renaissance Village Man
Renaissance Peasant Lady
Hospital Nurse's Bag
Rag Doll Bloomers
Comedy / Tragedy Magnet
Pilgrim Lady Costume
Pilgrim Man Costume
Gorilla Deluxe
3.5" Quartz Ellipsoidal Spotlight
Night Shirt & Cap Set
Christmas Elf
Hanukkah Apron *DS*
Dickens Cloak
Apron with Trim
Mrs. Candy Cane *DS*
Mr. Peppermint *DS*
Bucanneer Pants
Giant Clown Bow Tie
Tavern Maiden
Will Blackthorn
Captain Black
Captain Crook
Sea Scoundrel
Hook Hand w/Sleeve
Jockey *DS*
Race Horse *DS*
Just Horse'n Around
Plastic Bullet Belt
Scottish Lad
Oktoberfest Costume - Female
Bavarian Man
Bavarian Maiden
Statue of Liberty Torch
Batteries (AA)
English Bobby
Derby (Permasilk)
Frog Prince Costume
Pharaoh Skirt
Special Order Curtain
Special Order Curtain Binding
Arabian Knight Turban
Aviator Set
Grim Reaper Robe
Muscle Arms
Roaring 20's Jacket
Sister Sara
Alice Dress & Apron
Blue Sky & Ocean
Beach Backdrop
Fake Dynamite
Plastic Balloon Bag
Tea Light LED
Roman Shield
Roman Sword
Roman Dagger
Ring Caps (8 shot)
Strip Caps
Going Steady Ring
Mythical Chiffon Fairy Wings
Freedom Pistol
Soft Rubber Ammo
Sportsman Shotgun
Metallic Eyelashes
Teardrop Rhinestone
Roman Belt
Double Teardrop Trim *DS*
Commando Cloth
Branch Rhinestone Trim
Ivy Wave w/Beads Trim
Round Jewels *DS*
Goth/Punk Character Kit
Blue Character Kit
Gemstone Eyelashes
Crystal Organdy Dot *DS*
Bon Bon Mesh Fabric
Mesh Stretch with Foil *DS*
Camo Mesh Stretch Fabric *DS*
Shiny Stripe Spandex
Opera Velvet Stretch *DS*
Ice Spandex
Ovation *DS*
Oval Foil Swirl
Chicago Spandex
Giddy Denim Spandex
Showstopper Spandex *DS*
Festival Spandex Foil
Foil Dots on Spandex *DS*
Lavida Loca *DS*
Bonfire Stretch Velvet *DS*
Metallic Powder
Pirate Gun
Glitter Flower on Chiffon
American Flag (4"x6") Plastic
Floral Hologram Lace *DS*
Greaser Jacket
Nifty Fifty Costume
Full Face Mask
Stromel with Payes
Plastic Half Mask
Stage Screw
Sea Wench
It's Electric Sheer
Fergalicious Link
Legend Armor Chest Plate
Legend Leg Guards
Legend Round Shield
Loose Pin - 1-1/2"
Loose Pin - 2"
Peasant Shirt
Lash Cleat
Brace Cleat
Stop Cleat/Tie Off Cleat
Mardi Gras Mask
#8 Galvanized Jack Chain
Natural Canvas
Christmas Tree Hat
Roman Helmet
Lame' Top Hat w/Trim
Monkey Mask
Pig Mask
Tiger Mask
Dalmatian Mask
White Cat Mask
Giraffe Mask
Zebra Mask
Rabbit Mask
Money Bag W/ Money *DS*
Old Hands *CO*
Star Boppers
Curtain S Hooks
Jolly Roger Pennant
Movie Set Clapboard
Foil Golden Ticket
Red Carpet Runner
Movie Camera Photo/Balloon Holder
Uncle Sam Set
Movie Award
Giant Spider Web
Tight Pin - 1-1/2"
Tight Pin - 2"
Stone Wall Backdrop
Brace Hook
Rocker Heel
Winter Sky Backdrop
Santa's Sleigh/Workshop *DS*
Sky Blue Muslin 118"
Asian Sun Hat
Leg Warmers
Sequin Spot on Jersey *DS*
Coal Miner Set
Mamma Wig
Police Mirror Glasses
Jumbo Rubber Gun
Rapper's Clock Necklace
John Glasses
Poodle Socks
Madonna Floral Lace
Jumbo Fake Lollipop
Fake Hypodermic Needle
Sequin on Jersey
Telescope Caster Base
Swirl Glitter Spandex *DS*
Vue III™ *DS*
Red Riding Hood
Granny Wolf
Patches the Clown Jacket
Penguin Hat
Celebrity Sash
Neon Leg Warmers
Pig Kit
Operating Room Kit
Kris Kringle
Biblical Peasant Lady
Disco Fever Costume
Chandelle Boa w/Dyed Tips
Glo Hologram Fringe (Cerise)
Iris Sequins (Various Styles)
Jewel Sequin Trim *DS* (Various Styles)
Corded & Bead Trim
Tutu 12"
Tutu 20"
Hurricane™ 1200
Glass Button
Round Rhinestone Button *DS*
Large Round Rope Button
Bengaline Moire'
Gems *DS*
Daisy Organza
El Baile *DS*
Jewel Power Sheer *DS*
Jumbo Shackles
Sub Wear Tie-Dye Knit *DS*
Glam-Wear-Foil on Knit *DS*
1/4" Stripe Spandex *DS*
Stripe 3/4" Spandex *DS*
Nueva Locura
Dance Like A Star
La Danza *DS*
Money Boa
Patriot Top Hat - Glittered *DS*
Chainette Fringe 3"
Chainette Fringe 6"
Chainette Fringe 18"
Chainette Fringe 32"
Chainette Fringe 9"
Embroidered Vines
Snowberry Organza *DS*
Bem/Zsa Sequin Stretch
RWB Diagonal Glitter
Chainette Fringe 12"
Polaris Fabric
Sparkling Spotlight Spandex
Sparkling Spotlight BL
Embroidered Gems Motif *DS*
Mini Gems Motif
Lace Trim
Acrylic Gems Trim
Harlequin Mask
Sequin Flower Trim
Gems Trim
Napoleon Hat
Simulated Silk Parasol
Headdress with Coque Feathers
Pillbox (Small)
Hidden Face Mask
Fairy Princess Hat
King Headpiece with Plume
Chinese Cap With Braid
Hurricane Flex 1800
Low Rider Ice Fog Machine
Standing Flame Light *DS*
Angel Wings with Headpiece
Angel Feather Wings
Prairie Lady
Buffalo Bill
Ahoy Matey
Captain Cruise
Bridal Satin *DS*
Airline Pilot Costume
Horse Costume
Abe Lincoln Costume
Getting Your Kicks andrea gibbs workbook untrained aheltes choregraphed choreograhy
Intro to Theatre Arts 2
Drama Games & Improvs
112 Acting Games
Vel-Felt Alpine Hat
Headscarf with Braids
Caribbean Pirate Hat with Braids
Cowboy Vest
Petit Cake
Cinnamon Bun
Brie Cheese
Pirate Accessory Set
VIP Party Pass
Ruffled Skirt
Wooden Excalibur Sword
St. Patrick's Hat
Clapboard Photo/Balloon Holder
Awards Night Statuette
Brick Wall Backdrop
Graduation Cap
Annie Dress
Pinafore Apron (Child)
Fedora (Metallic)
Awards Night Door Panel
1800's Vest *OS*
Scarecrow Hat
Brick Fireplace
Balcony Backdrop *DS*
Eve Wig
Abraham Lincoln
Pilgrim Girl
Pilgrim Boy
Jacob Marley
Faux Stole
Tie Dye Skirt
Hippie Mans' Vest
British Explosion Jacket
Wacky & Crazy Guy
Summer Daze Dress
Short Marie Antoinette *DS*
Marie Wig (Special Barg)
Sailor Girl *DS*
Glamour Witch *DS*
Acetate Taffeta
Army Helmet
50's Bouffant Wig *DS*
60's Princess Wig
Fake Snowball
Snow Blanket (Roll)
Snow Blanket
3/4" BL Sequin Stretch
1 1/2" BL Sequin Stretch
One Row BL Flat Sequins
1" BL Scallop Sequins
Gypsy Shirt
Peasant Blouse
Charleston Beaded Headpiece
9" Silk
Bridal Ring *OS*
Decorative Netting
Nylon Net
Western Canteen
Coconut Ukelele
One Row Flat Sequins (6mm)
1" Flat Scallop Sequins
Prince of the Pyramids
Princess of the Pyramids
Buccaneer Jacket
Scarecrow Deluxe
Prom King Costume
Fringe Ladies' Vest
Go-Go Boot Tops
Five Voice Disguiser
Glo Applause
Glo Dangle "Stretch" *DS*
Dangle "Stretch"
That's Hot Sunglasses
Alien Sunglasses
One Row Cup Sequin (6mm)
Fabulous Capri
1" Cup Scallop Sequins
Jumbo 50's Glasses
Two Row Flat Sequins
Sequin Mesh Cloth *DS*
Sequin Stretch Knit Cloth
Sequins On Jersey
Scratch Kit
Ghoul Kit
Gargoyle Kit
Granny Kit
Swamp Hag Kit
Stretch Satin Fabric
Wonderland Spandex *DS*
Power Mesh w/Glitter Stretch
1 1/2" Sequin Stretch
1" Sequin Stretch
2" Sequin Stretch
9" Sequin Stretch*DS*
Reptile Hologram Spandex
School Girl Plaid Spandex
Bubbles of Hologram Dots
Crushed Revival Velvet *DS*
Mirror Dots on Spandex
Tinsel Halo
Euphoria Knit w/Glitter *DS*
Dance w/Velvet Ribbon
Exo Lace Stretch
Spice Girl Spandex *DS*
FL-1 Replacement Lamps
Obama Mask
Celebration Sequin Fabric *DS*
Fire Cracker
Bamba Spandex
Devilish w/3 Row Sequins
Marakesh Stretch *DS*
Malachite Fabric
Fashion Lights Fabric *DS*
Pirate Character Kit
AdGem Adhesive
Warrior Helmet
Wolf Hat *DS*
Waffle Stripe *DS*
Stage Designer 50
Branches with Flowers *DS*
Metallic Double Border
Flowers on Beaded Lace *DS*
Cutout Flower Organza
Peace Sign Glitter Velvet
Black Dot Glitter Velvet
Let's Boogie
Poly Lining
Sequin Tiara
Film Strip Lame'
Sheer Fairy Mesh *DS*
Lace Fingerless Gloves
Color Gloves
Striped Poly-Satin
Nylon/Tricot Chiffon
1000/IF 1000W
Tier Chandelier
BL Chainette Fringe 3"
BL Chainette Fringe: 6"
Moo Cow Mascot
Bunny Suit With Hood
Sparkle Lame' Top Hat
Sparkle Lame' Derby
Fez Hat
Russian Hat
Padre Hat
Alpine Hat
Cowboy Hat
Davey Crockett Hat
Yacht Cap
Felt Hillbilly
Skimmer Hat
Bandsman Hat (Plastic)
Western Cowboy
Bun Wig
120W Reflector Lamp
120W BR40 Colored Flood Red
120W PAR 38
Bald Cap
Colonial Lady Wig (Bargain)
Cowboy String Tie
Native American Wig
Ascot Tie
Marie Antoinette Wig
Marie Antoinette Wig (Deluxe)
Martha Washington
Farm Girl Wig
Dandy Mustache
Santa Wig & Beard
Shirt Front
Santa Victorian
Cotton Gloves
Velveteen Santa
Stage Money
Father Christmas
Top Hat
Christmas Charmer Dress *DS*
Garter / Armbands
Skimmer (Ultrastraw) *OS*
Gibson Girl Hat *OS*
Patriotic Armband
Police Badge
Toyo Skimmer
Straw Cowboy Hat
Mr. Mouse Hat
Mrs. Mouse Hat w/Bow
Beachcomber Straw Hat
Hook Hand
Bamboo Curved Cane
Keystone Cop Hat
Gondolier / Fauntleroy Hat
Roman Warrior
Patriotic Hat
Pith Helmet
Sailor Hat
Chinese Lantern
Giant Scissors
Top Hat
Jester Hat & Collar
Mob Cap
Bead Chandelier *DS*
Cat in The Hat (Hat)
Van Dyck
Plastic Police Club
Nylon Parasol
Nylon Ruffle Umbrella
Headhunter Spear
Pirate Sword
Indian Peace Pipe
Waldorf Collar
Clerical Collar
Perry Collar
Wing Collar
Kentucky Colonel Tie
Ball & Chain
Caveman Club
Red Suspenders
Piano Suspenders
Patriotic Vest
Pocahontas Headband
Arab Headdress
Eye Shade
Old Fashion Whistle *OS*
Pirate Hat
Confederate Officer Hat
Union Officer Hat
Tricorn Hat
Engineer Cap
Dress Mustache
English Mustache
Rubber Knife
Corn Cob Pipe
Retro Frames w/Lenses (Plastic)
King Charles Sword
El Cid Sword
Kirpan Sword
Tommy Gun
Long Beard with Mustache
Cigarette Holder
Disappearing Dagger
Asp Bracelet
Colonial Shoe Buckles
Quality Top Hat
Wool Beret
Plastic Skimmer
Plastic Derby
Spanish Gaucho
Tricorn Hat - Quality
Greek Fisherman / Fiddler
Quality Derby
Spanish Conquistador
Spanish Lace Fan
Bow Tie Flag
Striped Socks
Water Goblet
Original Pub Mug
Fake Rock Small
Confederate Soldier Cap
Union Soldier Cap
Collar Button
Nylon Gloves
Roman Legionary Plates *DS*
Book Front
Turkey on Tray
Deluxe Wood Cane
American Flag (4"x6") Rayon
Pocket Watch & Chain
Pin Connector Male
Pin Connector Female
Switchblade Comb
Santa Set V
Newsboy Cap
Pointed Witch Nose
Stadium Horn Trumpet
Rubber Elf Shoes
Roaring 20's Vest
Plastic Tambourine 9" White Top
Rubber Chicken
False Eyelashes
Plastic Stave Fan
Straight Cane
Lace Parasol
Bunny Ears
200W PAR 46
Animal Ears
Bunny Tail
Disguise Glasses
Granny Glasses
Lorgnette Glasses
Round Eyeglasses
Monster Teeth (Plastic)
Loose Feathers
Imitation Eagle Quill
Marabou Boa - Light (20gr)
Ostrich Boa
Peacock Tail Feather
Zebra Tail Feather
Cut Feather Spears
Kentuckian Rifle
Kentucky Rifle (Full Size)
Flintlock Pistol
Civil War Musket
Spanish King Sword
Crusader Sword
Raffia Hula Skirt
Blue Beard Set
Giant Bone
Amigo Set
5965 Super Saturated Red
5968 Super Saturated Green-Shade Blue
5969 Super Saturated Ultramarine Blue
5971 Super Saturated Chrome Green
5972 Super Saturated Emerald Green
5973 Super Saturated Pthalo Green
5974 Super Saturated Imperial Green
5975 Super Saturated Magenta
5976 Super Saturated Brilliant Red
5977 Super Saturated Spectrum Red
5979 Super Saturated Purple
5980 Super Saturated Iron Red
5981 Super Saturated Chrome Yellow
5982 Super Saturated Yellow Ochre
5983 Super Saturated Raw Sienna
5984 Super Saturated Moly Orange
5985 Super Saturated Burnt Umber
5986 Super Saturated Raw Umber
5987 Super Saturated Burnt Sienna
5988 Super Saturated Lemon Yellow
5989 Super Saturated Turquoise Blue
5990 Super Saturated Prussian Blue
5991 Super Saturated Navy Blue
5992 Super Saturated Paynes Grey
5993 Super Saturated Leather Lake
5994 Super Saturated Grass Green
5996 Super Saturated Cerulean Blue
5997 Super Saturated Hunter Green
5998 Super Saturated Van Dyke Brown
6001 Super Saturated Neutral
6002 Super Saturated White
6003 Super Saturated Velour Black
5350 Off Broadway White
5351 Off Broadway White White
5352 Off Broadway Black
5353 Off Broadway Yellow Ochre
5354 Off Broadway Burnt Umber
5355 Off Broadway Raw Sienna
5356 Off Broadway Burnt Sienna
5357 Off Broadway Raw Umber
5358 Off Broadway Earth Umber
5359 Off Broadway Ultramarine Blue
5360 Off Broadway Fire Red
5361 Off Broadway Deep Red
5363 Off Broadway Orange
5364 Off Broadway Emerald Green
5365 Off Broadway Chrome Oxide Green
5366 Off Broadway Lemon Yellow
5367 Off Broadway Golden Yellow
5368 Off Broadway Purple
5369 Off Broadway Magenta
5371 Off Broadway Pthalo Green
5372 Off Broadway Sky Blue
5373 Off Broadway Pthalo Blue
5374 Off Broadway Imperial Green
5376 Off Broadway Brilliant Red
5382 Off Broadway Paynes Grey
5383 Off Broadway Metallic Bright Gold
5384 Off Broadway Metallic Gold
5385 Off Broadway Metallic Silver
5386 Off Broadway Metallic Copper
5387 Off Broadway Metallic Antique Gold
5551 Iddings Deep White
5552 Iddings Deep Black
5553 Iddings Deep Yellow Ochre
5554 Iddings Deep Burnt Umber
5555 Iddings Deep Raw Sienna
5556 Iddings Deep Burnt Sienna
5557 Iddings Deep Raw Umber
5558 Iddings Deep Van Dyke Brown
5559 Iddings Deep Ultramarine Blue
5560 Iddings Red
5561 Iddings Dark Red
5563 Iddings Deep Orange
5564 Iddings Deep Emerald Green
5565 Iddings Deep Chrome Oxide Green
5566 Iddings Deep Lemon Yellow
5567 Iddings Deep Golden Yellow
5568 Iddings Deep Purple
5569 Iddings Deep Magenta
5570 Iddings Deep Turquoise Blue
5571 Iddings Deep Dark Green
5572 Iddings Deep Cerulean Blue
5573 Iddings Deep Navy Blue
1 Row Crystal Banding
2 Row Crystal Banding
Domino Half Mask
Plastic Half-Mask
Metallic Half-Mask
Ceiling Plate W/Ring
Top Hanger Iron
Bottom Hanger Iron
5562 Iddings Bright Red
Non Skid Floor Plate
Non Skid Eye (Heel)
Fez Frame
Scotty Frame
King Crown Frame
Hungarian Frame
Round Tiara
Gay Nineties Frame
Scallop Tiara
Small Point Tiara
Mad Hatter Frame
Military Frame
Conical Frame
Flapper Frame
French Poke Frame (short)
French Poke Frame (tall)
Bird Beak
Flat Sailor
Beanie Frame
Cossack Frame
Picture/Can Can
Strut Frame
New Strut Frame
Pillbox II (Large)
Makeup Cape
Classic Lip Pencil
3M Transparent Double Side Tape
Toupee Tape Strips
Eyeshadow Palette
Liquid Eye Liner
Eye Liner Pencil
Makeup Pencil Sharpener
Eyebrow Pencil
Lip Colour Palettes
Giant Fly Swatter
Enormous Fly
Stethoscope (Metal)
Vampire Medallion
Police / Chaffeur Cap
Straw Hillbilly
250W PAR 38
Metal Color Frames
Telescope Base
Blacklight Tricot Chiffon
Colonial Man Wig (Best)
Mark Twain Set
Alonge Wig
Shakespeare / Franklin Wig
Economy Mirror Ball Motor
Mirror Ball Motor (Heavy Duty)
Hand Bell
Plush Santa Hat
18th Century Hat *OS*
Cavalier Sword
Muslin (Natural) 118"
801 Roscolene Frost
804 Roscolene No Color Straw
807 Roscolene Dark Lemon
809 Roscolene Straw *DS*
810 Roscolene No Color Amber
811 Roscolene Flame
813 Roscolene Light Amber
817 Roscolene Dark Amber *DS*
818 Roscolene Orange
819 Roscolene Orange Amber *DS*
821 Roscolene Light Red
823 Roscolene Medium Red
825 Roscolene No Color Pink
826 Roscolene Flesh Pink
827 Roscolene Bright Pink
828 Roscolene Follies Pink
829 Roscolene Bright Rose
832 Roscolene Rose Pink
834 Roscolene Salmon Pink
836 Roscolene Plush Pink
837 Roscolene Medium Magenta
838 Roscolene Dark Magenta
839 Roscolene Rose Purple
840 Roscolene Surprise Lavender
841 Roscolene Surprise Pink
842 Roscolene Special Lavender
843 Roscolene Medium Lavender
844 Roscolene Violet
846 Roscolene Medium Purple
848 Roscolene Water Blue
849 Roscolene Pale Blue
850 Roscolene No Color Blue
851 Roscolene Daylight Blue
853 Roscolene Middle Blue
854 Roscolene Steel Blue
855 Roscolene Azure Blue
856 Roscolene Light Blue
857 Roscolene Medium Blue
859 Roscolene Green Blue
861 Roscolene Surprise Blue
862 Roscolene True Blue
863 Roscolene Medium Blue
866 Roscolene Dark Urban Blue
871 Roscolene Light Green
877 Roscolene Medium Blue Green
880 Roscolene Light Grey
882 Roscolene Light Chocolate
883 Roscolene Medium Grey
00 Roscolux Clear
01 Roscolux Light Bastard Amber
02 Roscolux Bastard Amber
03 Roscolux Dark Bastard Amber
04 Roscolux Medium Bastard Amber
05 Roscolux Rose Tint
06 Roscolux No Color Straw
07 Roscolux Pale Yellow
08 Roscolux Pale Gold
09 Roscolux Pale Amber Gold
10 Roscolux Medium Yellow
100 Diffusion Frost
101 Diffusion Light Frost
102 Diffusion Light Tough Frost
103 Diffusion Tough Frost
104 Diffusion Tough Silk
105 Diffusion Tough Spun
106 Diffusion Light Tough Spun
11 Roscolux Light Straw
111 Diffusion Tough Rolux
112 Diffusion Opal Tough Frost
113 Diffusion Matte Silk
114 Diffusion Hamburg Frost
115 Diffusion Light Tough Rolux
116 Diffusion Tough White
117 Diffusion Tough 1/2 White
118 Diffusion Tough 1/4 White
119 Diffusion Light Hamburg Frost
12 Roscolux Straw
120 Diffusion Red
121 Diffusion Blue
122 Diffusion Green
124 Diffusion Red Cyc Silk
125 Diffusion Blue Cyc Silk
126 Diffusion Green Cyc Silk
127 Diffusion Amber Cyc Silk
13 Roscolux Straw Tint
132 Diffusion 1/4" Hamburg Frost
14 Roscolux Medium Straw
140 Diffusion Subtle Hamburg Frost
15 Roscolux Deep Straw
16 Roscolux Light Amber
160 Diffusion Light Tough Silk
162 Diffusion Light Opal Tough Frost
163 Diffusion Powder Frost
17 Roscolux Light Flame
18 Roscolux Flame
19 Roscolux Fire
20 Roscolux Medium Amber
2001 Storaro VS-Red
2002 Storaro VS-Orange
2003 Storaro VS-Yellow
2004 Storaro VS-Green
2005 Storaro VS-Cyan
2006 Storaro VS-Azure
2007 Storage VS-Blue
2008 Storaro VS-Indigo
2009 Storaro VS-Violet
2010 Storaro VS-Magenta
21 Roscolux Golden Amber
22 Roscolux Deep Amber
23 Roscolux Orange
24 Roscolux Scarlet
25 Roscolux Orange Red
26 Roscolux Light Red
27 Roscolux Medium Red
30 Roscolux Light Salmon Pink
302 Pale Bastard Amber
303 Roscolux Warm Peach
304 Roscolux Pale Apricot
305 Roscolux Rose Gold
31 Roscolux Salmon Pink
310 Roscolux Daffodil
312 Roscolux Canary
313 Roscolux Light Relief Yellow
316 Roscolux Gallo Gold
317 Roscolux Apricot
318 Roscolux Mayan Sun
32 Roscolux Medium Salmon Pink
321 Roscolux Soft Golden Amber
324 Roscolux Gypsy Red
325 Roscolux Henna Sky
33 Roscolux No Color Pink
331 Roscolux Shell Pink
332 Roscolux Cherry Rose
333 Roscolux Blush Pink
336 Roscolux Billinton Pink
337 Roscolux True Pink
339 Roscolux Broadway Pink
34 Roscolux Flesh Pink
342 Roscolux Rose Pink
343 Roscolux Neon Pink
344 Roscolux Follies Pink
346 Roscolux Tropical Magenta
347 Roscolux Belladonna Rose
348 Roscolux Purple Jazz
349 Roscolux Fischer Fuchsia
35 Roscolux Light Pink
351 Roscolux Lavender Mist
353 Roscolux Lilly Lavender
355 Roscolux Pale Violet
356 Roscolux Middle Lavender
357 Roscolux Royal Lavender
358 Roscolux Rose Indigo
359 Medium Violet
36 Roscolux Medium Pink
360 Roscolux Clearwater
361 Roscolux Helmsley Blue
362 Roscolux Tipton Blue
363 Roscolux Aquamarine
364 Roscolux Blue Bell
365 Roscolux Tharon Delft Blue
366 Roscolux Jordan Blue
367 Roscolux Slate Blue
368 Roscolux Winkler Blue
369 Roscolux Tahitian Blue
37 Roscolux Pale Rose Pink
370 Roscolux Italian Blue
371 Roscolux Theatre Booster 1
372 Roscolux Theatre Booster 2
373 Roscolux Theatre Booster 3
374 Roscolux Sea Green
375 Roscolux Cerulean Blue
376 Roscolux Bermuda Blue
377 Roscolux Iris Purple
378 Roscolux Alice Blue
38 Roscolux Light Rose
381 Roscolux Baldassari Blue
382 Roscolux Congo Blue
383 Roscolux Sapphire Blue
384 Roscolux Midnight Blue
385 Roscolux Royal Blue
386 Roscolux Leaf Green
388 Roscolux Gaslight Green
389 Roscolux Chroma Green
39 Roscolux Skelton Exotic Sangria
392 Roscolux Pacific Green
393 Roscolux Emerald Green
395 Roscolux Teal Green
397 Roscolux Pale Grey
398 Roscolux Neutral Grey
40 Roscolux Light Salmon
41 Roscolux Salmon
42 Roscolux Deep Salmon
4215 CalColor 15 Blue
4230 CalColor 30 Blue
4260 CalColor 60 Blue
4290 CalColor 90 Blue
43 Roscolux Deep Pink
4307 CalColor 07 Cyan
4315 CalColor 15 Cyan
4330 CalColor 30 Cyan
4360 CalColor 60 Cyan
4390 CalColor 90 Cyan
44 Roscolux Middle Rose
4415 CalColor 15 Green
4430 CalColor 30 Green
4460 CalColor 4460 Green
4490 CalColor 90 Green
45 Roscolux Rose
4515 CalColor 15 Yellow
4530 CalColor 30 Yellow
4560 CalColor 60 Yellow
4590 CalColor 90 Yellow
46 Roscolux Magenta
4615 CalColor 15 Red
4630 CalColor 30 Red
4660 CalColor 60 Red
4690 CalColor 90 Red
47 Roscolux Light Rose Purple
4715 CalColor 15 Magenta
4730 CalColor 30 Magenta
4760 CalColor 60 Magenta
4790 CalColor 90 Magenta
48 Roscolux Rose Purple
4815 CalColor 15 Pink
4830 CalColor 30 Pink
4860 CalColor 60 Pink
4890 CalColor 90 Pink
49 Roscolux Medium Purple
4915 CalColor 15 Lavender
4930 CalColor 30 Lavender
4960 CalColor 60 Lavender
4990 CalColor 90 Lavender
50 Roscolux Mauve
51 Roscolux Surprise Pink
52 Roscolux Light Lavender
53 Roscolux Pale Lavender
54 Roscolux Special Lavender
55 Roscolux Lilac
56 Roscolux Gypsy Lavender
57 Roscolux Lavender
58 Roscolux Deep Lavender
59 Roscolux Indigo
60 Roscolux No Color Blue
61 Roscolux Mist Blue
62 Roscolux Booster Blue
63 Roscolux Pale Blue
64 Roscolux Light Steel Blue
65 Roscolux Daylight Blue
66 Roscolux Cool Blue
67 Roscolux Light Sky Blue
68 Roscolux Parry Sky Blue
69 Roscolux Brilliant Blue
70 Roscolux Nile Blue
71 Roscolux Sea Blue
72 Roscolux Azure Blue
73 Roscolux Peacock Blue
74 Roscolux Night Blue
75 Roscolux Twilight Blue
76 Roscolux Light Green Blue
77 Roscolux Green Blue
78 Roscolux Trudy Blue
79 Roscolux Bright Blue
80 Roscolux Primary Blue
81 Roscolux Urban Blue
82 Roscolux Surprise Blue
83 Roscolux Medium Blue
84 Roscolux Zephyr Blue
85 Roscolux Deep Blue
86 Roscolux Pea Green
87 Roscolux Pale Yellow Green
88 Roscolux Light Green
89 Roscolux Moss Green
90 Roscolux Dark Yellow Green
91 Roscolux Primary Green
92 Roscolux Turquoise
93 Roscolux Blue Green
94 Roscolux Kelly Green
95 Roscolux Medium Blue Green
96 Roscolux Lime
97 Roscolux Light Grey
98 Roscolux Medium Grey
99 Roscolux Chocolate
3202 Cinegel Full Blue CTB
3204 Cinegel Half Blue 1/2 CTB
3206 Cinegel Third Blue 1/3 CTB
3208 Cinegel Quarter Blue 1/4 CTB
3216 Cinegel Eigth Blue 1/8 CTB
3220 Cinegel Double Blue 2x CTB
3407 Cinegel Roscosun CTO
3408 Cinegel Roscosun 1/2 CTO
3409 Roscolux 1/4 CTO
3410 Cinegel Roscosun 1/8 CTO
3411 Cinegel Roscosun 3/4 CTO
Drama Pin
Glow Dots 1"
Glow Dots 2"
Glow Arrows 2"
Glow Arrows 3"
Glow Footprints
Glow Spike Corners
Glow Tape
Princess Frame
Royal Guard Frame
Flapper Cap
Spandex Tricot
Super Spandex
Dog Nose
Pig Nose
Sparkle Confetti
Cat Head & Hand Set
Rapunzel Braided Wig *OS*
Boop Wig
Gidget Wig
Scrinch Girl Wig
Scrinch Boy Wig
Thing Wig™
1960's Prom Wig
Long Showgirl Wig
Luxurious Showgirl Wig
Monk Wig
Cousin It Wig
Bride of Frankenstein Wig
Bach Wig
1870's Wig
Buffalo Bill Wig Set
Movie Queen
40's Vamp
Marilyn Wig
60's Vamp Wig
Dreadlock Wig *OS*
Groucho Set
Braids Wig
Beauty Wig *OS*
Beast Wig Set
Shlumpa Wig
Mad Scientist Set
Harpo Wig
Snow White Wig
Cat Style Wig
Straight Elvira Wig
Bargain Annie Wig *OS*
Propeller Beanie
300/IF 300W
300W Reflector Lamp
300W PAR 56
Bug Antenna Headband
Velour Powder Puff
Chef Hat
Executioner Hood & Axe
Black Suspenders
Wired Mustache
Convict Costume
Convict Dress
Cape (Full Length)
Dracula Cape
Edwardian Mustache
Handlebar Mustache
Chaplin Mustache
Dress Mustache
Marabou Fan
Shepherd's Crook
Chroma Key Blue
Chroma Key Paints
Chroma Key Green
Rosco Fog Fluid: 1L
Rosco Fog Fluid: 4L
Comedy &Tragedy
Formal Bow Tie
Revolver Pistol
Riding Crop
Pinocchio Nose
Witch Hat
Felt Pirate Hat
Bow Tie (Sequin)
White Apron
Chicken Costume
Long Flowing Wig
Crepe Hair
Devil's Pitchfork
Tissue Lame' White Warp
Tissue Lame'
Tissue Lame' Black Warps
Convict Cap
Viking Helmet
Scoop Neck Leotard *DS*
Fishnet Tights w/Seams
Tights - Adult
Sparkle Organza "Twinkle"
Shrunken Head
Bunny Kit
Glitter Hairspray
Rosco Color Selector
Sheriff Badge (Jumbo)
Sequins on Taffeta *DS*
Marabou Boa - Heavy (25gr)
Safety Cable
Armor Chest and BackSet
Pig Nose
Duck Beak
Dog Nose
Rabbit Nose
Cat Nose
Duck Bill *CO*
Black Cat Nose
Mouse Nose
Cow Nose
Rooster/Chicken Beak
Toucan Beak
Painter Cap
RWB Bunting - Plastic
Witch Doctor Necklace
Cross Necklace
Chandelle Boa - Heavy (80gr)
Fake Rock Large
Sheer Angel Wings (Child)
Egg Strobe
20W Mini Strobe
Bang Gun
Witch Broom
Ultimatte Blue
Ultimatte Green
Fan Drape 3' x 6' Plastic
Fan Drape 3' x 6' Cotton
Clerical Collar
Bubble Machine
Roman Helmet Plastic
Butcher Knife
Spartacas Sword
Half Skull
Cavalier Hat
Coachman Hat
Gangster Hat
Rosco Pattern Holder
Rosco Pattern Holder ETC
3/4" Sequin Stretch
Kazoo (Plastic)
Colored Lens *DS*
Mirror Ball Pinspot
Bubble Fluid (1 Gallon)
UV Snow Additive
Colonial Lady Wig (Better)
Colonial Man Wig (Better)
Father Time Wig Set
Biblical Wig & Beard
Collodion / Scar Liquid
Sherlock Holmes Hat
RWB Suspenders
Executioner's Axe
Elvis Wig (Better)
Mutton Chops
Elvis Sideburns
Colonial Man Kit
FC-T Timer Remote
FC-W Wireless Remote
Villain Mustache
Triangle Mustache
Small English Mustache
Long Spanish Mustache
English 90's Mustache
Dali Mustache
3" Elegant Mustache
Chandelle Boa - Light (40gr)
Bald Comb-over
Biblical Beard (Bargain) *OS*
Biblical Wig Only
Buccaneer Wig
Moses/Sorcerer Wig & Beard Set
60's Flip Wig
Beehive Wig
Glo Afro Wig
Elvis (Gigantic)
Gibson Wig
King Wig
Scrooge Set
Geisha Girl Wig
Fancy Geisha
Judge (Better)
1840 Style
Indian Wig
One Point Beard
Phantom Mask
Cleopatra Headdress
Hollywood Clacker Keychain
Tricot Lame'
Rubber Fish
Pearl Necklace
Colonial Socks
Jewel King Crown
Flower Hair Clip
Coconut Bra
Carnation Set *DS*
Sparkle Pearl Sheer *DS*
4" Sequin Stretch
12" Sequin Stretch *DS*
Fishnet Tights
Band Gloves (White)
Dress Gloves
Flash Gloves
Fun City
Geometric Explosion
Starry Night
Rain A
Dot Breakup (medium)
Tree 2
Abstract Leaves
Pine Branches
Blossoms Detail
Stars 1
Vine Leaves
Leaf Breakup (Sm)
Waving U.S. Flag
Jungle Leaves
Rose Window 2
Half Moon
Cloud 7
Cloud 10
Cloud 11
Cloud 12
Flames 1
Basket Weave
Forest Top
Abstract Skyline
Computer Circuitry
Fairy Castles
Pick Up Sticks
Christmas Tree Complete
Modern Skyline
Kinetic Burst
Pop Top
NYC Skyline
Interlocking Breakup
Eiffel Tower
Skyline 2
Statue of Liberty
Broadway 1
Broadway 2
Tree 3
Linear 2
Dapple (SM)
Dapple (med)
Dapple (lg)
Ocelot (md)
Leaf Breakup (Distorted)
Linear 4
Star Cluster
Stone Wall 1
Tropical Window
Les Mis Grill 8
Linear 7
Glass Brick
Loose Weave
Autumn Breakup
Curly Coils
Jagged Circle
Jail Bars Shadow
Water 5
Double Hung Shadow
Venetian Blind
Double Hung Window
Star of Bethlehem
Cloud 2
Fence with Gate
Breakup (small)
Breakup (large)
Aperture 1
Aperture 2
Aperture 3
Aperture 4
Jungle Leaf
Realistic Leaves
Dense Leaves
Bare Branches 1
Irregular Breakup
Parallel Breakup
Chinese Screen
Fire Escapes
Munn Slash
Arcadia 23
Arcadia 17
Radial Lines
Shuttered Arch
Internal Reflections
Stars & Stripes 2
Lightning Branch
Bare Branches 2
Foliage (Med)
Dense Leaves (Detail)
Antique Rosette
Sharp Breakup
City Lights
Paint Splatter
Stained Glass Composite
Leaf Breakup (Med)
Leaf Breakup (Lg)
Dot Breakup (small)
Dot Breakup (large)
Sharp Breakup (Sm)
Soft Breakup
Nightlights 3
Water 1
Palm Tree
Fantasy Castles
Realistic Stars
Midnight Star
Midnight Sun
Midnight Snow
Spooky Wood
Branching Leaves +
Branching Leaves -
The World
Beam Splitter
Train Windows
Reflected Water 1
Reflected Water 2
Brush Strokes
Clock Face
Stars 6
Piano Bar
Comedy & Tragedy
Celebration Bells
Dry Stone Wall 2
Forest Floor
Water 4
Flames 4
French Doors 2
Jail Bars
Picket Gate
Time Machine
The World Outline
Stars 8
Ripple (Sm)
Ripple (Lg)
Childish Clouds
Cloud Outline
Sun Circle
Aztec Puzzle
Chinese Lattice
Decorative Gate
Moon Clouds
Summer Branches
Moonlight Leaves
Windy Clouds
Sphere Breakup
Layered Cloud
Spun Dots (lg)
Spun Dots (med)
Round Window
Double Hung 2 X 2
Serengeti Sun
Chain Link
Christmas Wreath
Night Sky 2
Georgian Doors
City Lights 2
Shooting Stars 2
Pick Up Sticks
Triangles 2
Two Tone
Splat Breakup
Closeup Bark
Winter Tree 1
Spring Leaves
Leafy Branches 1
Leafy Branches 2
Tropical Leaves
Snowflakes 2
Follies A
Flames 6
Horizon 1
Horizon 2
Stars 9
Stars 11
Iron Gate
Cloud 13
Gobo Pattern (Your Choice)
6" 360Q Ellipsoidal Spotlight *DS*
3" Fresnel Spotlight
6" Fresnel Spotlight
1000Q Spotlight
Rosco 1900 Fog Machine *DS*
Rosco Cinegel Color Selector
Rosco Designer Color Selector
Rosco Color Selector - LUX
Grease Paint
Starblend™ Cake
Creamblend™ Stick
Colorset Powder
Pro Clown Series
Coverette® Cover-up
Five O'Sharp®
Clown White
Spirit Gum
Latex by Mehron
Creme Blush Wheel
Stage Blood
Makeup Remover
Spirit Gum Remover
Creme Foundation
Lite "L" Series

Creme Foundation L-0 Creamy Beige
Creme Foundation L-1 Creamy Peach
Creme Foundation L-2 Lite Beige
Creme Foundation L-3 Rose Beige
Creme Foundation L-5 Tan Rose
Creme Foundation M-1 Lite Bronze
Creme Foundation M-2 Suntone
Creme Foundation M-3 Medium Tan
Creme Foundation Maple "MA" Series
Creme Foundation MA-1 Golden Bronze
Creme Foundation MA-2 Brown Sugar
Creme Foundation MA-3 Hazelnut
Creme Foundation MA-4 Rich Coco
Creme Foundation MA-5 Coffee Bean
Creme Foundation MA-6 Deep Ebony
Creme Foundation P-022 Geisha
Creme Foundation P-024 Porcelain
Creme Foundation P-1 White
Creme Foundation P-10 Auguste *DS*
Creme Foundation P-101 Light Auguste *DS*
Creme Foundation P-11 Chinese
Creme Foundation P-111 Lite Chinese
Creme Foundation P-12 Japanese
Creme Foundation P-121 Lite Japanese
Creme Foundation P-125 Tan AuLait
Creme Foundation P-127 Carmel Tan
Creme Foundation P-13 Blithe Spirit
Creme Foundation P-14 Sallow Green
Creme Foundation P-15 Cadaver Grey
Creme Foundation P-16 Blue Spirit
Creme Foundation P-17 Death Purple
Creme Foundation P-18 Death Straw
Creme Foundation P-19 Death Flesh
Creme Foundation P-2 Lite Pink
Creme Foundation P-20 Pale Vampire
Creme Foundation P-21 Frankenstein
Creme Foundation P-22 Death Blue Grey
Creme Foundation P-4 Ultra Fair
Creme Foundation P-41 Fairest
Creme Foundation P-42 Ultra Beige
Creme Foundation P-43 Alabaster
Creme Foundation P-45 Olive Fair
Creme Foundation P-5 Old Age/Nat. Fair
Creme Foundation P-6 Natural Tan
Creme Foundation P-7 Bronzetone
Creme Foundation P-8 Dark Coco
Creme Foundation P-9 Black
Creme Foundation
Tan "T" Series

Creme Foundation T-1 Golden Tan
Creme Foundation T-2 Bronze Tan
Creme Foundation Twenty "TW" Series
Creme Foundation TW-20 Rice Paper
Creme Foundation TW-21 Ivory
Creme Foundation TW-22 Golden Beige
Creme Foundation TW-23 Fawn
Creme Foundation TW-24 Honey
Creme Foundation
Olive "Y" Series

Creme Foundation Y-1 Lite Olive
Creme Foundation Y-3 Medium Olive
Creme Foundation Y-5 Olive Tan
Color Cake Foundation PC-02 Light Ivory
Color Cake Foundation PC-021 Bisque
Color Cake Foundation PC-022 Geisha
Color Cake Foundation PC-1 White
Color Cake Foundation PC-11 Tan No. 2
Color Cake Foundation PC-111 Tan No. 3
Color Cake Foundation PC-114 Warm Tan
Color Cake Foundation PC-115 Ruddy Tan
Color Cake Foundation PC-12 Auguste
Color Cake Foundation PC-13 NaturalFair/Old Age
Color Cake Foundation PC-135 Calcutta
Color Cake Foundation PC-137 Tan AuLait
Color Cake Foundation PC-14 Mocha
Color Cake Foundation PC-16 Chestnut
Color Cake Foundation PC-17 Light Egyptian
Color Cake Foundation PC-19 Dark Egyptian
Color Cake Foundation PC-1W Pale Rose
Color Cake Foundation PC-2 Porcelain
Color Cake Foundation PC-20 Olive Sable
Color Cake Foundation PC-205 Mocha Java
Color Cake Foundation PC-21 Golden Ebony
Color Cake Foundation PC-23 Black
Color Cake Foundation PC-30 Ecru
Color Cake Foundation PC-305 Barely Beige
Color Cake Foundation PC-31 Cine Fairest
Color Cake Foundation PC-32 Cine Fair
Color Cake Foundation PC-33 Cine Light Beige
Color Cake Foundation PC-34 Cine Beige
Color Cake Foundation PC-36 Cine Light Tan
Color Cake Foundation PC-3W Tawny Peach
Color Cake Foundation PC-4 Navajo Sand
Color Cake Foundation PC-40 Shinsei Ivory
Color Cake Foundation PC-41 Shinsei Fair
Color Cake Foundation PC-42 Japanese
Color Cake Foundation PC-43 Chinese
Color Cake Foundation PC-46 RoseBlush
Color Cake Foundation PC-47 Ingenue
Color Cake Foundation PC-48 Fair Lady
Color Cake Foundation PC-5 Natural No. 1
Color Cake Foundation PC-51 Natural No. 2
Color Cake Foundation PC-5W Rich Tan
Color Cake Foundation PC-6 Buckskin
Color Cake Foundation PC-7 Rose Beige
Color Cake Foundation PC-7W Deep Tan
Color Cake Foundation PC-8 Blithe Spirit
Color Cake Foundation PC-81 Cadaver Grey
Color Cake Foundation PC-82 Blue Spirit
Color Cake Foundation PC-83 Sallow Green
Color Cake Foundation PC-84 Death Purple
Color Cake Foundation PC-840 Death Flesh
Color Cake Foundation PC-841 Death Straw
Color Cake Foundation PC-842 Pale Vampire
Color Cake Foundation PC-843 Frankenstein
Color Cake Foundation PC-87 Fair Male
Color Cake Foundation PC-89 Tan Male
Color Cake Foundation PC-9 Tan No. 1
Creme Colors
Creme Color (CL-1) White
Creme Color (CL-10) Dark Sunburn
Creme Color (CL-11) Cinnamon
Creme Color (CL-12) Copper Brown
Creme Color (CL-13) Fire Red
Creme Color (CL-131) Fresh Cut
Creme Color (CL-14) Blood Red
Creme Color (CL-15) Maroon
Creme Color (CL-16) Vivid Violet
Creme Color (CL-17) Misty Violet
Creme Color (CL-18) Purple
Creme Color (CL-19) Blue
Creme Color (CL-191) Cosmic Blue
Creme Color (CL-2) Forest Green
Creme Color (CL-20) Turquoise
Creme Color (CL-21) Peacock Blue
Creme Color (CL-211) Kelly Green
Creme Color (CL-22) Sky Blue
Creme Color (CL-23) Blue-Grey
Creme Color (CL-25) Steel Grey
Creme Color (CL-26) Grey
Creme Color (CL-27) Beard Stipple
Creme Color (CL-28) Coal
Creme Color (CL-29) Black
Creme Color (CL-3) Green
Creme Color (CL-31) Army Green
Creme Color (CL-32) Lime Green
Creme Color (CL-33) Gecko Green
Creme Color (CL-4) Bright Pink
Creme Color (CL-5) Yellow
Creme Color (CL-6) Goldenrod
Creme Color (CL-61) Desert Tan
Creme Color (CL-7) Orange
Creme Color (CL-8) Mauve
Creme Color (CL-9) Sunburn Stipple
Creme Cheek Rouge
Powder Cheek Rouge
Dry Rouge CDS-1 Soleil Red
Dry Rouge CDS-2 Red Hot
Dry Rouge DC-01 Contour No. 1
Dry Rouge DC-02 Contour No. 2
Dry Rouge DC-03 Contour No. 3
Dry Rouge DR-1 Flame Red
Dry Rouge DR-10 Chestnut
Dry Rouge DR-11 Passion Purple
Dry Rouge DR-111 Purple Haze
Dry Rouge DR-112 Grapevine
Dry Rouge DR-12 Pink Blush
Dry Rouge DR-13 Natural Blush
Dry Rouge DR-14 Latte
Dry Rouge DR-15 Coco Rose
Dry Rouge DR-16 Cool Pink
Dry Rouge DR-17 Red-Brown
Dry Rouge DR-2 Coral Red
Dry Rouge DR-21 Dusty Pink
Dry Rouge DR-22 Nectar Peach
Dry Rouge DR-23 Golden Amber
Dry Rouge DR-25 Hazelnut
Dry Rouge DR-3 Raspberry
Dry Rouge DR-4 Fuchsia
Dry Rouge DR-5 Brick Red
Dry Rouge DR-6 Misty Pink
Dry Rouge DR-61 Victorian Rose
Dry Rouge DR-7 Coral
Dry Rouge DR-71 Desert Coral
Dry Rouge DR-9 Dark Tech
Dry Rouge DR-98 Autumn Sunset
Face Powder (3 oz)
Face Powder (8 oz Jar)
Creme Highlight
Creme Brown Shade
Mellow Orange®
Mellow Yellow®
Neutralizer Blue
Pressed Eye Shadow
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-30 White
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-302 Vanilla
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-31 Toast
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-312 Banana
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-314 Shell
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-319 Honey
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-32 Santa Fe
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-332 Misty Lilac
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-34 Taupe
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-39 Melon
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-391 Apricot
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-393 Just Nude
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-395 Terra Cotta
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-40 Spice
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-50 Cork
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-52 Mocha
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-53 Ash Brown
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-54 Dark Brown
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-56 Espresso
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-57 Twilight Sable
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-59 Rich Suede
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-62 Mossberry
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-72 Raisin
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-75 Black Plum
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-76 Burgundy
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-80 Deep Violet
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-82 Royal Purple
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-88 Celestial Bleu
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-90 Navy Blue
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-92 Patriotic Blue
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-93 Cinderella Blue
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-95 Blue Grey
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-97 Greystone
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-99 Black
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-1 White
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-12 Mango
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-13 Walnut
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-14 Copper
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-15 Gold
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-16 White Gold
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-18 Bronze
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-19 Silver Grey
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-20 Sea Blue
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-21 Charcoal
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-22 Turquoise
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-5 Ultra Violet
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-6 Sapphire
Pearl Sheen Eye Accents PS-9 Rose
Lipstick LS-1 Lip Gloss
Lipstick LS-10 Bordeaux
Lipstick LS-11 Desert Rose
Lipstick LS-12 Natural Brown
Lipstick LS-13 Magenta
Lipstick LS-14 True Red
Lipstick LS-15 Siren Red
Lipstick LS-16 Ruby Red
Lipstick LS-17 Black
Lipstick LS-19 Mocha Rose
Lipstick LS-2 Hot Pink
Lipstick LS-23 Boysenberry
Lipstick LS-26 Primrose
Lipstick LS-27 French Mocha
Lipstick LS-29 Guava Ice
Lipstick LS-3 Coral
Lipstick LS-30 Champagne Ice
Lipstick LS-31 Hot Coral
Lipstick LS-32 Rose Glaze
Lipstick LS-33 Marilyn Red
Lipstick LS-34 Russian Red
Lipstick LS-35 Vampira
Lipstick LS-36 Gold Ice
Lipstick LS-37 Winter Ice
Lipstick LS-38 Silver Ice
Lipstick LS-39 Passion Flower
Lipstick LS-4 Dusty Rose
Lipstick LS-41 Cotton Candy
Lipstick LS-42 Softshell
Lipstick LS-44 Sheer Plum
Lipstick LS-45 Sheer Mocha
Lipstick LS-46 Shy Apricot
Lipstick LS-47 First Blush
Lipstick LS-48 Watermelon
Lipstick LS-49 Cherry Cola
Lipstick LS-5 Garnet
Lipstick LS-50 Poppy
Lipstick LS-51 Cherryberry
Lipstick LS-52 Pink Tart
Lipstick LS-6 Plum Pink
Lipstick LS-7 Natural
Lipstick LS-8 Cranberry
Lipstick LS-9 Plum
Clown White
Liquid Latex
Stage Blood
Spirit Gum Remover
Liquid Color
Bruise & Abrasions Wheel
Spirit Gum Adhesive
Nose & Scar Wax
Modeling Tool
Master Bruise Wheel
Personal Rouge Brush
Brow/Lash Comb
Trauma Simulation Wheel
Tooth Cover
Fluorescent Hairspray
Custom Round Brush
5-Color Makeup Palette
Red, White & Black Wheel
Rainbow Wheel
Bruises Wheel
Cuts & Bruises Wheel
Burns & Blisters Wheel
Age Stipple Wheel
Severe Exposure Wheel
Old Character Wheel
Ben Nye Creme Kit
Master Production Kit
RWB Flag Pennant
Outdoor Flag Pennant (Multi)
All-Pro Makeup Kit
Setting The Stage DVD
Designing with Gobo's DVD
MBT Fog Fluid
Hurricane 900 Fogger *OS*
Hurricane 1300
Custom Flat Brush
Silicone Tool
Prosthetic Adhesive
Bond Off! Remover
MagiColor® Creme Pencil
Remove-It All
500/IF 500W
Wood Belay Pin - 17 Inch
Wood Belay Pin - 21 Inch
500W PAR 64
Blank Gun
Detective Pistol with Holster
Miss Liberty Tiara
Chandelle Feather Wig
Roman Leg Guards
Roman/Gladiator Shield
Lame' Gloves: Wrist
Lame Gloves: Elbow
Shirred Satin Gloves
Gloves (Children)
Satin Gloves: Wrist
Satin Gloves: Elbow
Satin Gloves:Shoulder
Fishnet Mitts
Tights - Kid's
Satin Lame
Uncle Sam Wig Set
Men's Wig
Colonial Lady Wig (Best)
Raggedy Andy Wig
Spit Curls Wig
Raggedy Ann Wig W/Hat
Priscilla Wig
Clown / Afro Wig
Rock Star
Fancy French King Wig
Braid Attachment
Straight Fall Attachment
Curly Fall
Sherrif Cowboy Hat (Child)
Vinyl Biker
Pork Pie Hat *DS*
Bat Hat
Drum Major / Bandsman Hat
Prismatic Hi-Hat
Plastic Knight Helmet
Biblical Beard (Better)
Black Muslin 118"
Rosco Flamex NF
Rosco Flamex SF
Rosco Flamex WD
Rosco Flamex PA Paint Additive
Aurora Borealis 6MM *DS*
Bottle Eyeglasses
Comet Follow Spotlight
Donut - Baby Zoom
Donut - Standard Size
Barn Door
18" Cross Bar w/Hangers
10" Paper Fan
Stage&Studio Fog: 1L
Stage&Studio Fog: 4L
Mask Fasteners
Clear Gloss
Clear Flat
Rosco Tough Prime White
Rosco Tough Prime Black
Flo Chandelle Boa
Felt Spats
Ladies Natural Straw Hat
Men's Tights
Fur - Shag
Fur - Plush
Nylon Velvet *DS*
Stretch Crush Panne'
Broadcloth *DS*
Mini Clown Umbrella
Reflections 6mm (38") *DS*
Reflections 6mm (60")
Thumbelina Knit with Sequin Dots
Tricot Missy Dots *DS*
Metallic Mesh
Liquid Lame
Galaxy Vinyl Black *DS*
Smushi Velvet *DS*
Pika Boo Crigiar
Bright Gloves
40 Gallon Cowboy Hat
Ferocious Stretch Slinky *DS*
Twinkle Stretch Velvet *DS*
Rumba Vinyl *DS*
Slinky with Fireworks *DS*
Plastic Tambourine 5"
Kazoo (Metal)
Bag of Bones
Metallic Topaz
Rose Mesh Tie Dye
Tiger Mesh Stretch *DS*
Tulle with Sequin *DS*
Dream Power Mesh *DS*
Laser Dot Velvet Stretch *DS*
Triangle Spotlight Sequins on Knit *DS*
Spandex w/Clear Foil *DS*
Velour w/3mm Hologram
Hologram Dot Spandex
Clear Fringe
Paietle Trim
Flower & Beyond
Scallop Beaded Trim
Spinkle Trim
Flowering Motif
Laser Single Strand Sequin Trim 6mm
1" Laser Sequin Stretch
1 Row Aurora Banding
2 Row Aurora Banding
Aurora Burst Button (sm) *CO*
Crystal Burst Button
Aurora Burst Button
Metallic Fringe 3"
Suede Fringe *DS*
64111 Litt lite Q5W
Mini-S Sphere Lamp
Metallic Satin Spandex
Lycra Glo
Liquid Face Paint *DS*
Aqua Glitter
Sparklers Glitter
Sparklers Glitter MD-1 Opal Ice
Sparklers Glitter MD-10 Silver Prism
Sparklers Glitter MD-11 Black Diamond
Sparklers Glitter MD-12 Copper
Sparklers Glitter MD-13 Galactic Violet
Sparklers Glitter MD-2 Fire Red
Sparklers Glitter MD-3 Gold
Sparklers Glitter MD-4 Silver
Sparklers Glitter MD-5 Royal Blue
Sparklers Glitter MD-6 Fuchsia
Sparklers Glitter MD-7 Emerald Green
Sparklers Glitter MD-8 Brilliant Purple
Sparklers Glitter MD-9 Neon Green
Glitz It Glitter Gel
Creme Personal Kit
MagiColor® Creme Crayon
Creme Color Palettes
Mini-Pro Student Kit
Cover-All Wheel
Highlight Wheel
Shadow Wheel SK-3
3D Special Effects Kit
Vampire Kit
Clown Kit
Witch Kit
Skeleton Kit
Cat/Lion Kit
Old Age Kit
Angle Shadow Brush
Brush Cleaner
Foam Sponge
Hydra Sponge
Nylon Stipple Sponge
Foam Tip Applicators
Wrinkle Stipple
Deluxe Bald Cap
Castor Sealer
Bald Cap Wheel
Fresh Scab
Thick Blood
Complete Blood Pack
Blood Caps
Ghoul Kit
Roscolux Filter (Roll)
Double Stretch Spandex
Ultimate Super Blue
Foamcoat: 1 Gallon
Foamcoat: 3.5 Gallon
Puritan Headpiece
Santa Stuffer
Santa Belt
Santa Boot Tops
Eyebrow Stick
Santa Set III
Candles (Pair)
Arrow Thru Head
Bow, Arrow & Knife Set
Trick Arm
Rubber Snake
Railroad Lantern
Roman Knight Shield
Rock & Roll Glasses
Woodsman Axe
Felt Devil Tail
Felt Devil Ears
Sequin Sceptor *DS*
Deluxe Felt Jester
Wizard Hat
Wig Cap
Curly Lion Set *OS*
Beatles Wig
Dorothy Wig
Annie Wig
Flighty Nun Hat
Pointed Shield
Vinyl Boot Spats (Unisex)
Spike Tape
Spike Corners *DS*
Gaffers Tape
D Ring & Plate
Foam Head with Face
Roman Armbands
Transparent Parasol
Strobe Controller
Wolf Nose
Wagon Brake W/Extension Spindle
Heavy Duty Wagon Brake
Police Badge
Police Beacon 10"
Poly Velour Sequin *DS*
Liquid Foil Spandex
1" Scallop Spot Sequins
Single Strand Spot
1¼" Spot Sequin Stretch
1½" Spot Sequin Stretch
Gold Spotlite Sequin 18"
Single Strand Spot Stretch
Custom Pattern/Glass B Original
Custom Pattern/Glass B Copies
Custom Made Steel Gobo
Custom Made Steel Gobo Copies
Holographic Curtains
Magic Lamp
Shakespeare Series Zoom Ellipsoidal
Crinoline Diamond Net 54"
Chinese Mustache
Gay 90's Mustache
Lincoln Stove Pipe
Mountie Hat
Crushed Panne' Velour
Mrs. Santa Wig
Pile-Plush Santa Suit
Santa Set IV
Hydra Cleanse
Custom Holographic Curtain
Sounds: Transport. I
Sounds: Transport. II
Sounds: Backgrounds
Sounds: Household
Sounds: Machinery
Sounds: Military
Sounds: Animals
509 Digital Sound Effects
The Speaker's Voice
Calvary Sword
Artillery Officer Sword
Scottish Sword
Royal Sword
Suction Stand
Chinese Hat w/Ponytail *DS*
Gatsby Cap
Beaded Trim
Watch Knit Cap
Patent Vinyl
Metallic Fringe
Colt Pistol
Fake Puff Cigarettes
Metalized Streamers
Conductor/Military Cap
Pilot Cap
Matte Satin Gloves
RWB Bunting - Cotton
Two Row Flat Sequin Stretch
¾" Spot Sequins Stretch
King Crown
Final Seal
Santa Velvet
Dorothy Dress
Cowardly Lion™
Liquid Hair Colors
Heart Clock 5"
Badge of Courage
Blues Sunglasses
50's Rhinestone Glasses
Laser Fringe 6"
Ultraviolet Paint
6250 Vivid FX Bright White
6251 Vivid FX Lemon Yellow
6252 Vivid FX Orange Sunset
6253 Vivid FX Orange
6254 Vivid FX Scarlet Red
6256 Vivid FX Magenta
6257 Vivid FX Violet
6258 Vivid FX Deep Blue
6259 Vivid FX Brilliant Blue
6260 Vivid FX Aquamarine
6261 Vivid FX Electric Green
6262 Vivid FX Deep Green
6455 Vivid FX Hot Pink
Ultraviolet Paint
Yellow Onion
Jumbo Lemon
Metallic Gold Trim
Glo Velour
Spotlight Sequins On Knit
Tie Dye Stretch Velvet *DS*
Flat Stretch Velvet
Renaissance Rapier
Studded Choker
Studded Gloves
Studded Wristband
Stagecoach Double Holster & Gun Set
Pirate Set
Classic Custom Fangs
By Scarecrow™

Snow Fluid
Assembly Wall Phone
Assembly Stick Phone
Poker Stogie
Rhythm & Blues Tie
Extension Spindle
Dancelite Satin
Lumière Grande Colours
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-1 Ice
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-10 Jade
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-11 Turquoise
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-12 Cosmic Blue
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-13
Royal Purple

Lumiere Grand Colour LU-14 Amethyst
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-15 Persimmon
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-155 Cherry Red
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-16 Azalea
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-17 Cosmic Violet
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-18 Golden Apricot
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-19 Peacock
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-2
Iced Gold

Lumiere Grand Colour LU-20 Starry Night
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-21 Indian Copper
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-3
Aztec Gold

Lumiere Grand Colour LU-4 Silver
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-5 Bronze
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-6
Sun Yellow

Lumiere Grand Colour LU-7 Tangerine
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-8 Chartreuse
Lumiere Grand Colour LU-9 Mermaid Green
Eye Lash Adhesive
Temporary Tooth Cover
Small Stage Sets On Tour by James Hull Miller
Single Strand Slung Sequins (4mm)
Devil Set
Priest Hat
Tux Vest
Super Jumbo Afro
Punk Wig
Flex Bond: 1 Gallon
Flex Bond: 5 Gallon
Flexcoat: 1 Gallon
Flexcoat: 5 Gallon
Caution Tape
Pin Plug Adaptor MFT
Pin Plug Adaptor FMT
½" Wave Spot Sequins
Silky Habutai/China Silk
Silky Habutai/China Silk (Glow)
Seed Lights *DS*
Clown / Harpo Horn
Chandelle Boa w/ Lurex
Mrs. Claus Dress
Fine Lace Shawl
Soft Feather Wings
Magnifying Glass
Finger Cymbals
Bacon Strip
Eggs Sunny Side Up
Slice of Bread
Corn Cob
Ice Cubes
Body Stretch (Tan)
Power Mesh Foil Stretch
Acting with An Accent
M-1894 Western Rifle
Rifle Blanks
Ninja Sword with Sheath
Western Peace-Maker Revolver
Feather Edge Eyelashes
Gingham Bonnet
Short Fabric Cape
Roman Toga
Marilyn Wig
Tinted Round Glasses
Judge Wig *OS*
3 Row Crystal Banding
Metallic Fringe Curtain
Laurel Leaf Headband
Nun Hat
Cat of Nine Tails
BL Two Row Flat Sequin
1 1/4" BL Stretch Sequins
2" BL Sequin Stretch
Eyelash Lame/Longhair
Fluorescent Paint: Pint
5779 Fluorescent White
5780 Fluorescent Red
5781 Fluorescent Orange
5782 Fluorescent Yellow
5783 Fluorescent Green
5784 Fluorescent Blue
5785 Fluorescent Inv. Blue
5786 Fluorescent Pink
5787 Fluorescent Gold
Fluorescent Paint: Quart
Tie Dye Chiffon *DS*
Flo Mixed Boa
Spotlight Ribbon Stretch *DS*
Altman Stage Hand Wrench
Rainbow Suspenders
Fireworks Wheel
Queen Of The Nile Collar
Quick Cleanse
Tattoo CoveRing™
Glo Crush Velvet "Stretch"
Pharaoh Belt
Pharaoh Collar
Econo Tie-Dye Velour *DS*
Plush Child Santa Set
Holiday Apron & Hat
Plush Toy Bag
Tin Hat
Plastic Music Notes
Pink Ladies T-Shirt *DS*
50's Rhinestone Glasses
Washington Mask *DS*
Finger Hoop
Stage Lighting
In The Boondocks

Broadway Costumes on a Budget
Stagecraft I
The Complete Guide to Backstage Work

The Complete Banner Handbook
Jewel Crown
Heart Tiara
Special Police Badge
Tam Hat with Dreadlocks
Bob Replacement Silk
Thunder Tube™
Big Thunder Tube™
Camo Army Hat
Houndstooth Newsboy
Feather Angel Halo
Fire Hat
Chrome Plated Sword
Roll Caps
Raffia Table Skirting
Silk Petal Garland
Colorful Maracas
Western Spurs
Toy Trick Rope
Chef's Apron
Straight Jacket
Bleeding Butcher Knife
Roman Laurel Wreath
Roman Sandal Spats
Pharaoh Headpiece
Whip & Spikes Scars
Roman Sandal
Sew on Coins
Crusader Armor Playset
Mexican Poncho
Doctor's Mirror
Western Vest
Holmes Pipe
Matte Foundation
Soft Beige "BE"

Matte Foundation BE-1 Cameo
Matte Foundation BE-3 Natural Beige
Matte Foundation BE-5 Warm Sand
Matte Foundation BN-1 Beige Natural 1
Matte Foundation BN-2 Beige Natural 2
Matte Foundation BN-3 Beige Natural 3
Matte Foundation BN-4 Beige Natural 4
Matte Foundation CE-1 Fairest Cin
Matte Foundation CE-2 Fair
Matte Foundation CE-3 Light Beige
Matte Foundation CE-5 Beige
Matte Foundation CE-7 Light Tan
Matte Foundation CE-9 Tan
Matte Foundation CN-0 Ultra
Matte Foundation CN-001 Clair
Matte Foundation CN-002 Barely Beige
Matte Foundation CN-003 True Beige
Matte Foundation CN-004 Dune
Matte Foundation CN-005 Sahara Beige
Matte Foundation CN-010 Tres Clair
Matte Foundation EB-1 Naturelle
Matte Foundation EB-6 Naturelle Buff
Matte Foundation FT-1 Pale English
Matte Foundation FT-6 Tawny
Matte Foundation FT-8 Mocha Creme
Matte Foundation IS-1 Special White
Matte Foundation IS-18 Olive Tan
Matte Foundation IS-21 Wheat
Matte Foundation IS-23 Bamboo
Matte Foundation IS-25 Bamboo Medium
Matte Foundation IS-31 Chinois Light
Matte Foundation IS-33 Chinois
Matte Foundation IS-35 Chinois Medium
Matte Foundation IS-38 Burnt Almond
Matte Foundation IS-41 Soleil
Matte Foundation IS-44 Tan Suede
Matte Foundation N-1 Fair
Matte Foundation N-2 Creme
Matte Foundation N-3 Buff
Matte Foundation NO-1 Pale Biscotte
Matte Foundation NO-3 Biscotte
Matte Foundation NO-5 Brulee
Matte Foundation NO-7 Soft Caramel
Matte Foundation NO-9 Tan Brulee
Matte Foundation OB-1 Olive Beige 1
Matte Foundation OB-2 Olive Beige 2
Matte Foundation OB-3 Olive Beige 3
Matte Foundation OB-4 Olive Beige 4
Matte Foundation SH-0 Ivory
Matte Foundation SH-1 Fairest
Matte Foundation SH-2 Fair
Matte Foundation SH-3 Medium
Matte Foundation SH-4 Deep
Effects Gel Wound Kit
Clown White Lite
Lumière Luxe Powder
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-1 Ice
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-10 Jade
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-11 Turquoise
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-12 Cosmic Blue
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-13 Royal Purple
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-14 Amethyst
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-15 Persimmon
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-155 Cherry Red
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-16 Azalea
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-17
Cosmic Violet

Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-18
Golden Apricot

Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-19 Peacock
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-2
Iced Gold

Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-3
Aztec Gold

Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-4 Silver
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-5 Bronze
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-6
Indian Copper

Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-61
Sun Yellow

Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-7 Tangerine
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-8 Chartreuse
Lumiere Luxe Powder LX-9 Mermaid Green
Total Cover-All Wheels
Billy-Bob Vampire
Powers/Groovy Baby
Billy-Bob Puck
Billy-Bob Quarter Buck
Billy-Bob Original
Billy-Bob Caveman
Old Character Wheel II
Tinsel Wig
Barrier Spray
Lace Gloves:Wrist
Lace Gloves:Elbow
Lace Gloves:Shoulder
Magic Wand
Petticoat with Ruffles
Three Hoop Petticoat
Spring Curl Wig
Southern Belle Attachment
New Gatsby Wig
Scarlet Wig
Neptune Set
Japanese Beast
Long Crew Cut
Chinese Man Wig
Farrah Wig
Punk Rainbow Wig
Tommy L Dread
Dalmatian Wig
Twilight Velvet Stretch *DS*
Sparkle Stretch Velvet *DS*
Confetti Hologram
Stretch Streak Velvet
Collapsible Top Hat
Jumbo Sunglasses
Hula Skirt with Flower Waistband
Sea Shell Bra
Straw Arm & Leg Ties
Matador Hat
Cake Eye Liner
Movie Set Cutouts
Barbell (Inflatable)
Monster Wheel
Rag Dolls
Colonial Girl
Pilgrim Boy *DS*
Elf Tunic Set
Camouflage Wheel
Death Wheel
Rhinestone Settings *DS*
Laser Fringe 3"
Stage Plug
Nurse Cap
Steel Stage Screw
Lip Gloss Wheel
Arm Band Tattoos (Pkg 12)
Patriotic Bunting Cutout
RWB Streamer Curtain
Jointed Skeleton
Neon Fishnet Tights
Bone Necklace
Hippie Spats
George Washington Kit
Ben Franklin Kit
Einstein Kit
Abe Lincoln Kit
Microphone Headband
Elf Hat with Bells
Juke Box Cutout
Palm Tree Cutout
Coconut Cup
Tiki Cutout
Sun Cutout
Cloud Cutout
Oriental Cutouts *DS*
Customizing Refill Kit
By Scarecrow™

Sabers Custom Fangs
By Scarecrow™

Werewolf Custom Fangs
By Scarecrow™

Shredders Custom Fangs
By Scarecrow™

Diamond Fashion Ring
Uncle Sam Top Hat
Liberty Hat
Elephant Hat *New Style*
Money Necklace
Red Wine
Turkey Prop
Old Cowhand
Pirate Man Costume *DS*
Bunny Mascot Deluxe
Rounded Cleo Wig
Satin Spandex
Power Mesh
Mesh Stretch Glo
Power Mesh Stretch
Neon Premier Spandex *DS*
American Knit Solid *DS*
Hologram Borgata Lame'
Poodle Knit Spandex *DS*
Funky Foil
Velour Ring
Fishnet Stretch *DS*
Spotlight Sequin Chiffon
Striped 1" Spandex
Crepe Back Satin
Joseph/Moses Costume
Mary Costume
Deluxe Shepherd Costume
Rayon Braid Gold Edge *DS*
Child Uncle Sam *DS*
Metallic Stretch Trim
Saddle Shoe Spats
Ship's Helm
Ship's Anchor
Par 56 Color Gel Frame
Par 64 Color Gel Frame
Uncle Sam Costume
Statue of Liberty Costume
Theatre Pipe Clamp
Poly Mesh Tulle
Black Shadow
Mini-Pro Dancer Kit
Bald Cap Kit
Mesh Stretch
Beatnik Sideburns
Mixed Boa
Lace-Up Boot Spats - Shiny
Slipper Feet
BL Chainette Fringe 9"
BL Chainette Fringe 12"
Colonial Man Wig (Special) *OS*
Fluorescent Paint Sample Kit
Grinch™ Front Mask
Character Powder
Bronze Body Tint
French Baguette
Challah Twist Bread
Vivid FX Paint Sample Kit
Baby Back Ribs
Swiss Cheese Wedge
Bourbon Shot Glass
Eggs In A Carton
Shrunken Head (Small)
Witch Doctor Bracelet / Anklet
Rock & Roll Sideburns
King Medallion
Wizard Glasses
Natural Witch Broom
Mardi Gras Beads
Big Beads
Fantasy F-X™
Paradise Makeup Palette
Lumière Luxe Sparkle Powder
Long Wizard Set
Lulu Wig
Mullet *DS*
Lucy Wig
Surfer Dude Wig
Pompadour Wig
Beard with Mustache
Spirit Gum & Remover Kit
Parrot Hat
Pom Pom Bopper
Kings Crown
Pointed Tiara
Michael Myers™ Mask
Curly Santa Hat
Wedding Veil
Indian Headdress
Disappearing Dagger
Treasure Chest Box
Inflatable Palm Tree
Old West Jailer Keys
Sheriff Badge
Rubber Bat Wings
Swordsman Shirt
Renaissance Shirt: Men
Renaisance Blouse
Billy-Bob Refill
Color Hairspray
Roman Tunic
Sequin Suspenders
Sequin Stretch Belt
Indian Brave Costume
Indian Lady / Maiden
Union Soldier
Confederate Soldier
Dickens Lady Costume
Alpine Female
Colonial Woman Costume
Confederate Officer Costume
Union Officer
Southern Belle Dress & Bow
Temperance Skirt and Capelet
Renaissance Village Lady
Keystone Cop
Renaissance Knickers
Striped Pirate Shirt
Renaissance Vest
Pinafore Apron (Adult)
Monk Costume
Priest Robe
Nun Costume
Judge Robe
Doctor's Lab Coat
Gingerbread Man
Christmas Tree
Multi Spot Stretch Velvet
Velvet Stretch With Disco Dots 3mm
Velvet Stretch
3MM Dots

Va Va Voom
Leopard Velvet Stretch
Paisley Lame
Big Hole Mesh
Striped Velvet Glitter
Spotlight Square Sequin Knit
Gold Glitter on Knit
Storm Velvet with Glitter *DS*
Red Chinchilla Hackle Trim
Marabou Fringe Trim
Zebra Fur
Tiger Fur
Cow Fur
Tiger Fur
Fencing Sword
Spider Webbing
Hand Muff
Laser Fringe 9"
Laser Fringe 12"
Tattoo Cover-All Wheel
Jailbird Jumpsuit
Scary Tree Costume
Red Hooded Cape
The Wolfman™
Warrior King
Renaissance King
Grecian Goddess
Ballo Bird Mask (Metallic)
Peacock Feather Mask
Showgirl Headpiece
Striped Tights
Night Cap
Dickens Lady Hat
Flamingo Hat
Sizing for Hats
Miner Hat
Monkey Hat
Crocodile Hat
Red Velvet Fez
Bandstand Wig
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Candy Apple
Mug of Beer
Soda Pop
Watermelon Wedge
Gangster Child
Rainbow Boa
Hackle Pad
Striped Thigh Highs
Diamond Net Hosiery
Jester Tights
Blacklight Swirl Derby
Pirate Vest
Glitz-N-Gleam Bow Tie
Santa Eyebrows
Snowman Suit
Reindeer Suit
Pirate Flags
Disco Ball Curtain
Magic Light Bulb
Big Bouquet
Appearing Flower
Metallic Fringe
Life Preserver
2-Handed Broadsword
Ostrich FeatherTrim
Pirate Scarf Hat
Scallop Spotlight Trim *DS*
Handheld Blacklight Unit
DMX Cable
Dimmer Relay Pack
Feather Duster
Shakespeare Hat
Zebra Velvet
Slinky with Glitter Dots
Glitter Spandex *DS*
Chuck Wagon Dinner Bell
Prism Stretch Velvet *DS*
Kaleidoscope Hologram
Sky Scraper Spandex
Ballet Spandex Knit *DS*
Hologram Spots Chiffon *DS*
Swirl Foil
Hologram Lame '
Polka Dots on Spandex *DS*
Neon Flat Velvet
Mixing Liquid
Falling Rain Organza *DS*
Capella Spandex *DS*
Turkey Costume
Old Time Baseball Player Costume
French Maid Costume
Long Sleeve Gown
Admiral Costume
Patriot Costume
Ruffled Shirt
Patriot Boy
Grim Reaper
Li'l Nurse
Red Hot Costume *DS*
Pioneer Girl
Buccaneer Vest
Pirate Vest
Robin Vest
Roman Undergown
Puritan Ladies Collar
Jumbo Animal Tail
Jumbo Thermometer
Jumbo Needle
Cross Nurse Hat
Neon Sailor Hat
Movie Reel
Luck Lantern
Roman Laurel Wreath
Retro Flower Cutouts
Gory Body Part - Hand
Gory Body Part - Arm
Gory Body Part - Leg
Gory Body Part - Foot
Aviator Sunglasses
Sheer Angel Wings (Adult)
Oversized Foam Belly
Bangle Bracelets
Plastic Records
Gold Plastic Instruments
Jumbo Toothbrush
Gentleman's Pipe
Dog Tag Necklace
Monk Cross
Hippie Kit
Chiffon Scarf
Cocktail Mask with Stick
Plastic Headbands
Roman Wristbands
Glo Suspenders
Mandarin Hat
Construction Helmet
Steel Helmet *DS*
Roman Helmet
Musketeer Hat
Tricorn with Trim
Iridescent Fish Hat (Asst'd)
Tyrolean Hat
Elf Hat with Ears
Clown Bowler Hat
Dwarf Hat
Sailor Collar
Pharaoh Headpiece
Scotch on the Rocks
Popcorn Box
Crinkle Cut Fries
Sirloin Strip Steak
T-Bone Steak
Frosted Donut
Jelly Candies
Gingerbread Man Cookie
Hot Chocolate
Orange (Valencia)
Dinner Roll
Feather Angel Wings
LED Followspot 75ST
Standard Pipe Clamp
Flexilight FL1
Magic Blood Powder
DMX Mega Strobe Lamp
Elegantly Frugal Costumes
Costuming Made Easy
by Barb Rogers

100 Great Monologs
(for Teen Actors)

Deluxe Dagger W/Sheath
Conceal-All Wheel
Tattoo Cover
Colonial Woman Shoe *DS*
Go Go Boots (Lace-up) *DS*
Saddle Shoes (Child) *DS*
3 Point Beard
5 Point Beard
Venetian Man Wig
Beethoven Wig
Little Woman II
Gangster Hat - Hot Pink *DS*
Camouflage Spandex *DS*
Military Cap
Astronaut Helmet
Vintage Football Helmet
Bishop Hat
Furry Wolf Hat
Roman Helmet IV
Prince Headpiece
Arabian Prince / Princess Hat
Turkey Hat
Reindeer Antlers
13 Point Velvet Jester
Doctor Scrubs Set
Felt Santa Hat
Sequin Santa Hat
Introduction to Theatre Arts
Introduction to Stage Lighting
Acting for Life *DS*
by Jack Frakes

Deluxe Military Cap
Cow Hat
BTL 500W
BTN 750W
BTR 1000W
BVT 1000W
Big Scream TV DVD
Leaf Chiffon
Retro Stretch
Billy Bob Pumpkin Teeth
Sequins on Chiffon
Pool Hall Print
Meltdown on Stretch
Sunburst Silver Velvet
Diamond Shapes Velvet
Royal with Squares
Ball Trim *DS*
Gold Trim
Silver Rick Rack 1/4"
1/2" Silver Ribbon
Foil Ribbon
Royal w/Silver Trim 1/4"
Sequin & Ribbon Trim 2"
White & Color Trim
Multi Sequin Black Braid
Red Beadette Fringe 2"
Tiny Beads on String
Iridescent Trim
Single Row Square Sequin
Tiny Flower Trim
Zig Zag Sequin Trim
Leather w/Grommets
Ball Trim Small
Rick Rack Red
White Beads Tiny Sequins
Red Trim
Fish Ribbon
1" White Pastel Ribbon
Sequin & Pearl Trim
Brown Translucent
Multi-Pink Bangle
Fluorescent Bangle
Green White Beads
Silver Flower Beads
Beaded Sheer Fabric *DS*
Sequin Squares on Pink
Pink Sheer Flowers
White Gold Flowers
Sequin & Bangle Beads
Chiffon w/Oval Hologram
Chiffon Fabric With Leaf Beading *DS*
Chiffon Embroidered
Chiffon Square Sequins
Chiffon Multiple Beads
Burgundy Diamond
Camouflage Navy Spandex *DS*
Tie Dye Waterbug *DS*
Mardi Gras Swirl
Purple Shock Wave
Swirl and Dots
Chiffon Glitter
Foil Stretch Silver
Ribbon Stretch
Glitter Cells
Navy Blue Pinstripe
Patent Vinyl Peach
Stretch Velvet w/Dots
Half Moon
Peach Beaded Lace
Jester Fur *DS*
Neon Stretch Velvet
Sequin Ribbon Fabric
Glo Sequins on Taffeta
The Joker™ Mask with Wig
The Joker™ Makeup Kit
Vinyl Boot Spats
Hanging Sequins on Mesh
Techno Strobe Lamp
Hollywood Clacker
DPW 1000W
DTA 1500W
DTJ 1500W
DYS 600W
EFR 150W 15V
EGE 500W
EGG 750W
EGJ 1000W
EHD 500W
EHG 750W
EHJ 250W 24V
EHM Lamp 300 W
EHR 400W
ENH 250W
ENX/5 360W 82V
ESP 150W
ESR 100W
ETC 150W
EVR 500W
Crazy Plaid
Wild Panther
Crinkle Organza *DS*
Sequin on Jersey
Glitter Stripe on Chiffon
Hologram Flowers *DS*
Glitter Animal Print
Embroidered Organza
Blacklight Bulb 18"
F40BLB 48"
F4BLB 6"
FAD 650W
FCM 1000W
FDN 500W Frosted
FEL 1000W
Flicker Flame Lamp/3W
FFT 1000W
FHM 1000W
FL-1 Power Cord
Deluxe Controller
FL-3 Splice Connector
Mounting Track
FL-5 Mounting Clip
FL-6 Safety Caps (pkg 5)
FL-EXCB Extension Cable
FL-T Connector
FL-Y Cable
FLE 360W
400W G/FL
HX600 (FLK)
HX601 (FLK/LL)
Sunflower Effect Light
Mystique Tricot Spandex
1970s Belts
Awards Night Print-Fetti
Cowardly Lion Mask
Scarecrow Mask
Tin Man Mask
Musical Note Derby
Ladybug Wing Set
Bamboo Stave Fan
12 Row Sequin Trim
Pillbox Small (Ultrastraw) *OS*
Body in a Bag
Embroidered Lace
Rosebud Trim
Overall Sequins on Net
Swirl Sequins on Net
Shimmy Mesh *DS*
Sequin w/Metallic Thread Trim *DS*
Sequin & Seed Bead Trim
Faceted Beads Gold 3"
Faceted Beads Gold 1.5"
Movie Night Popcorn
Dalmatian Mascot
Bunny Mascot
Roast Chicken
Metallic Sequin Emb
Roman Arm Guards
Roman Chest Cover
Roman Leg Guards
VIP Stage Door Entry
Awards Night Podium
Star Hand Prints
Awards Night Cutout
Obama Cutout Seal
Obama Oval Cutout
White Wedding Runner
Starry Background *DS*
Plastic Gold Bars
Inflatable Cactus
Gangster Vest
Trophy (Inflatable)
Hanna Wig
Jockey Helmet
MardiGras Mask Necklace
Beads w/Mardi Gras Fan
Mermaid Wig
Metal Mania Kit
Glitterglam Liquid
Glitterglam Liquid Blue Blast
Glitterglam Liquid Coral Fire
Glitterglam Liquid Electric Jade
Glitterglam Liquid Golden Sunlight
Glitterglam Liquid Opal Confetti
Glitterglam Liquid Opal Flash
Glitterglam Liquid Opal Neon
Glitterglam Liquid Pink Passion
Glitterglam Liquid Ravishing Rose
Glitterglam Liquid Ruby Sunrise
Glitterglam Liquid Sapphire Sky
Glitterglam Liquid Violicious
Spirit Gum (1oz)
Frog Mascot
Red Snapper Fish
Pink Convertible Photo Prop
Conductor Cap
Mini Umbrella
Fancy Peacock Feather Mask
Comedy & Tragedy Water Bottle
Metallic Trumpet
Bee Wing Set
Deluxe Mardi Gras Mask
Scary Skeleton Mask
Custom Pattern/Glass B 1 Color Original
Custom Pattern/Glass B 1 Color Copies
Custom Pattern/Glass B 2 Color Original
Custom Pattern/Glass B 2 Color Copies
Ostrich Plume 8"-11"
1000W PAR 64
Q500W PAR 56
Flame Light Silk
Pom-Pom Shaker
Deluxe Bunny Costume
Cat / Mouse Ears Deluxe
Reptile Rainbow Foil Spandex
4-Channel Dimmer Controller
Mirror Ball Motor (Battery Powered)
Standing Mirror Ball
Pocketspot ™ LED
LED Par 56 Can
LED Par 64 Can
Double Derby X
Homerun Effect
80's Pop Star Jacket
60's Vest
Chattering Teeth
Glitz 'N' Gleam Bow Tie RWB
Long Pirate Skirt
Bollywood Beauty Costume
Bollywood Guy Costume
Saloon Sweetie
20's Flapper Coat
Mesh Face Robe
50's Pearl Choker Set
Large Chef Hat
Witch Dress
Cool Ghoul
Astronaut Costume (Adult)
Robot Costume
Panda Mascot Costume
Michael Jackson™ Wig & Glasses
Pajamas and Bonnet Set
Purple Daze Costume
Kings Jester
50's Babe Costume
Airship Pirate Girl
Pirate Maria La Fay
Pirate Captains Wench
Musical Note Bandana
Knight Helmet
Elephant Mascot
St. Bernard Mascot Costume
Native American Men's Wig
Disco Doll Wig
Flirty Fantasy Wig
Groovy Mom Wig
Santa Hat With Beard Set
Adjustable Hoop Slip
Short Hooded Cape
Victorian Cloak
Leather Look Cape
Howling Ghost Costume
Tin Man Costume
Back to School Sign
Snow White Costume
Haunted Tree Costume
Deluxe Elf Shoes
Deluxe Santa's Helper
Caroling Hand Bell
Classic Mrs. Claus
Bell Strap
Dots The Clown
Santa Set
Complete Hula Set
Ladybug Costume
Pig Mascot Costume
Knight in Shining Armor
Chinese Take Out
Moses Costume
Lady of Faith Costume
Shepherdess Costume
Shepherd Costume
Friar Tuck
Centurion Costume
Knight of The Round Table
Aviator Hat
Biblical Times Shepherd
Biblical Times Mary
Sporty Thigh Highs
Armor with Cape
Robin Hood Hat
Slot Glasses
Train Whistle
Harlequin Mardi Gras Mask
Jester Mask *DS*
Plush Witch Hat
Pilgrim Bonnet
Pinstripe Fedora
Chain Mesh Hood
Fraulein Vest
German Vest
Mardi Gras Vest
Christmas Elf Shoes
Distressed Suede Boot Spats
Enter If You Dare Banner
Rubber Mouse
Firefly Wings
Chiffon Bat Wings
Poisonous Fairy Wings
Skeleton Set With Wings
Pink Pixie Wings
Werewolf Character Kit
Zombie Makeup Kit
Tie Dye Tights
Modern Vampire Makeup Kit
Harlequin Thigh Highs
Plastic Coconut Cup
Palm Tree Inflatable Cooler
Weathered Pirate Flag
Beach Theme or Travel Photo/Balloon Holder
Gold Bar Favor Boxes
Awards Night Streamer
Stars Are Out Decor
Top Hat Photo/Balloon Holder
Movie Set Ceiling Decor
Awards Night Male Photo Prop
Awards Night Female Photo Prop
Awards Night Whirls
Admission Ticket Tape Streamer
Casino Ceiling Decor
Playing Card Centerpiece
Big Bucks Cutout
Dice Photo/Balloon Holder
Gangster Photo Prop
Rock & Roll Record Whirls
Juke Box Centerpiece
Juke Box Photo/Balloon Holder
Disco Ball Centerpiece
Desert Sky and Sand Backdrop
Desert Sand Backdrop
Jail Photo Prop
Wanted Poster Photo Prop
Italian / Fiesta Pennant
Oktoberfest Pennant
Oktoberfest Ceiling Decor
Dragon Ceiling Decor
Flower Whirls
Mardi Gras Whirls
Imperial Crown
Patriotic Fabric Bunting
Happy Holidays Door Cover
Christmas Tree Cutout
Blacklight Bulb
Black Light FX™ Liner Set
Rhinestone Tiara
Snow Queen Tiara
Nightshade Fairy Tiara
Rock & Roll Streamer
Stockade Photo Prop
Flower Power Hat
Sequin Fedora
Ladybug Hat *DS*
Snubnose Pistol w/Silencer
Western Rifle
Warrior Spear
Knight's Battle Axe
Mouse Set (Grey)
Female Mouse Set
Reel F/X Nosey Nose
Reel F/X Fantasy Ears
Reel F/X Evil Ears
Reel F/X Evil Nose Kit
Jason Mask and Machete Set
Leatherface™ Deluxe Mask
Velvet Pirate Hat
Knife Thru Head
Mardi Gras Mask Boppers
Mardi Gras Crown Boppers
Happy Birthday Hat
Tropical Hat
Break A Leg! DVD
Reel F/X Horned
Mastery of Mimodrame DVD & Book
Cat Set
Young Women's Monologs From Contemporary Plays #2
LESSONS: The Craft of Acting Book
The Drama Teacher's Survival Guide
Group Improvisation #2
Theatre Games For Young Performers
101 Monologues for Middle School Actors
Thirty Short Comedy Plays For Teens
Ten-Minute Plays for Middle School Performers
Improv Ideas Book & CD
Instant Period Costumes
AdMed Liquid Adhesive
Professional Bruises & Abrasions
Lumière Creme Wheel
AdMed Adhesive Remover
Latex For Sensitive Skin
Glitter Glue
Foundation and Contour Brushes
Circle Bead Trim
Diamond Bead Trim
Emerald Bead Trim
Santa's Helper Vest
Haze Fluid
Chase Controller with Foot Switch
Hey, Girlfriend Monologues
Star Wand
Stethoscope (Plastic)
Banana Costume
Swirl Chandelier
Old Fashioned Bathing Suit - Female
Pioneer Dress
Can Can Girl
60's Shirt
Bell Bottoms
ER Doctor
Executioner Costume
Dickens Christmas Outfit *OS*
Graduation Cap Gleam-N-Burst
Go Go Girl *DS*
Western Wrangler
McScotty Costume *OS*
Scottish Lassie
Rising Sun
Charleston Dress
Scales Spandex
Dickens Lady Bonnet
Cavalier Shirt
Gypsy Blouse
Feelin' Groovy Shirt
Leisure Suit
Pirate Captain
Renaissance Peasant Skirt
Striped Pants
Vegas Wig *DS*
Lace Petticoat
Mr. Dickens Jacket
Chess Piece Costume
Mother Nature *DS*
Hearts Card Costume
Santa Professional
Santa Majestic
Econ Child Santa Set
Santa Suit Complete Set
Gatsby Girl *DS*
Poodle Skirt
Techno Strobe Lens
Royal Crown
Astronaut Child
Harem Princess
Native American Boy
Ladybug Set
Sweet Bee Set
Ghostly Spirit
Deluxe Elvis™ Child
Colonial Boy
Hidden Face Robe
Hippie Sandals
Indian Princess
Fanci Jewel Glasses
Gauze Wings
Henna Style Tattoo Ink
Lux Airbrush Makeup
Stripe Knee High Socks
Sports Photo/Balloon Holder
Satin Sash
Neon Arm Warmers *DS*
Glittered Top Hat
Pointed Ears
Deluxe Jason Outfit
Flapper Headpiece
Glitter Top Hat *DS*
Deluxe Ostrich Fan
Lumière Grand Colour Palette
Fixative "A" Prosthetic Sealer
Clear Latex
Professional Rouge Brush
Glamour Tie-Dye Spandex w/Hologram
Ostrich Plume 12"-15"
Ostrich Plume 16"-19"
Ostrich Plume 18"-22"
Nun Costume
Old Fashioned Bathing Suit - Male
Ben Nye Cake Kit
Nellie Wig
Vulcan Ears
Double Holster Gun Set
Bonnet Frame (Ultrastraw)
Doctor's Kit
Ballo Bird Mask
Crushed Organza
American Flag (11"x17") Plastic
American Flag (12"x18") Rayon
Large Hollywood Clacker
Jeweled Dagger W/Sheath 15"
Flapper Cap (Ultrastraw) *OS*
Renaissance Sock Hat
Santa Boots
Radio City Rockette™ I *DS*
Stripe Tights (Child)
Bunny Teeth
Renaissance Queen
Graduation Cap Stringer *NEW STYLE*
Multi Color Waffle Stripe
Headpiece (Ultrastraw)
Drum Major Frame (Ultrastraw)
Pillbox Large (Ultrastraw) *OS*
Rainbow Feather Mask
Roman Apron & Belt
Pirate Sword Deluxe
Metallic Fringe Column
Mod Wig
Neon Wig
Dome Shadow Brush
Pinstripe Gangster Hat
Money Bag (Canvas)
Gas Mask
Purple Fairy Wings
Jeweled Crystal Teardrop Frames
Nun Costume (Full-Cut)
My Grandfather's Glasses
Western Bolo Tie
Young Women's Monologs from Contemporary Plays
Sequin Glove
French Maid Kit
Nun Kit
Elvis® Scarves
Metallic Fangs (small)
Crinoline 38"
Secret Wishes Elvis
Flying Monkey
Toto in a Basket™
Dorothy™ Shoes (Deluxe)
Legs with Feet
Wicked Witch™ Flying into a Tree
Medieval Vest
Referee Vest
Cowboy / Cowgirl Vest
Hula Hunk Vest
Beach Babe Vest
Easter Vest
Boot Tops - Stretch
Long Gloves (Velvet)
Long Gloves (Nylon)
Elf / Renaissance Shoes
Native American Headdress
Soda Jerk Hats (4pc)
Red Rope Stanchion Set
Giant Turban
Chain of Office Necklace
Michael Jackson™ Curly Wig
Frankie Wig *os*
Mrs. Doubtfire Wig
Kinky Long Wig
Sounds: Environmental & Ambient
Stageline Lighting Stand with Tiers
Sports Fanatic Wig
3M Contoured Tape Strips
Shampoo (Non-Static)
Wire Brush
Wire Brush w/Pick
Big Look Hand Mirror
Liquid Hairpiece Adhesive
Styro Wiglet Head
Mannequin Head Deluxe Version
Wig Spray
Wig Luster
Tattoo Sleeves
Eyelid Jewels
Kitty Eye Mask
Lion Mask
Medusa Cap
Old Man Kit
Old Woman Kit
Flesh Alien Mask
Crypt Skull Mask
Manwolf Mask
Bumblebee Boppers
Flower Boppers
Saddle Rifle
Parsol W/Ruffles
Ostrich Drab Fan
Feather Eyemask
Hackle Wig
Dapper Cane
Plastic Cane
Crab Hat
Shepherd / Arab Staff
Blue Fairy Wings
Eagle Wings
Elvis™ Glasses
Mounting Tabs
Fake Brick
Halloween Fabric Bunting
Outdoor Flag Pennant (Halloween)
Caution Haunted Tape
Spooky Spider Ceiling Drape *DS*
Bloody Wall Backdrop
Halloween Mobile
Haunted House Tablecover
Ice Cream Cone Cake
Confetti Cupcake
Holiday Creme Cake
Chocolate Flower Cake
Popcorn Box (Empty)
Pizza Slice
Nachos with Salsa on Plate
Irish Coffee
Bucket of Beer on Ice
Water Pitcher Set
NY Strip (Grilled)
T-Bone Steak (Grilled)
Parma Ham
Dark Salami
Hot Dog String
Chocolate Covered Strawberry
Crisscross Pie
Hot Dog
Dead Tea Light Holder
Pirate Treasure Centerpiece
Treasure Loot Set
Parasol Party Picks
Luau Ball Cap
Tiki Necklace
Tiki Decoration
Royal Palm
Palm Tree with Tissue Leaves
Luau Centerpiece
Football & Tee Set
Top Hat
Sloper Hat Frame
Cirque Stretch Fabric *DS*
Gold Record Peel-N-Place
Now Showing Sign Banner
Theatre Marquee Peel-N-Place
Asian Whirls
Bead Curtains
Snowflake Boppers
Snowflake Danglers
Peace Sign Cutout
Peace Sign Whirls
Funky Peace Beads
60's Party Buttons Set
Christmas Light Bulb Stringer Cutout
Christmas Stocking
Lamppost Cutout
Santa Door Cover
Candy Cane Cutout
Beach Sign Cutouts
Lollipop Tree
Medieval Pennant Banner
Medieval Pull-Down
Medieval Suit of Armor Decoration
Boom Box Centerpiece
Glow in the Dark Makeup Sticks
Glow in the Dark Cream Makeup
Glo Got You Babe Wig
Obey 40 Controller
Hurricane 700
Crinoline Petticoat
Elf Hat with Beard Set
Elf Hat with Ears, Hair & Beard
Candy Cane Headband
Snowman Mascot Deluxe
Deluxe Shepherd Boy *DS*
Gangsta' Girl Child Costume *DS*
Baseball Girl Child Costume *DS*
Fantasy Tulle *DS*
Monocle w/Chain
Straight Drop Bead Chandelier
Drape Chandelier
Realistic Leaves 2 Gobo
Scattered Light Gobo
Summer Leaves Gobo
Tree 7 Gobo
Bamboo Gobo
Blobs Gobo
Nightsky 1 Gobo
Trusswork 2 Gobo
Jewel Ring
Jumbo Rat
Fishnet Wig Cap
Medieval Crest
Two-Tone Clown Hat
Clown or Animal Nose
Clown Shoes
Clown Hat With Hair
Pull Off Caps
Devil Set
IT STAYS! Body Adhesive
Glinda™ Costume (Child)
Safari Helmet (Adjustable)
Plush Bunny Nose
Plush Dog Nose
Honking Clown Nose
Jewel King Crown with Insert
Wool Felt Mountie Hat
Big Chief Feather Headdress
Wolf Mask with Moving Mouth
Wolf Hands with Furry Sleeves
Cartoon Animal Gloves
Disco Hologram Spandex
F/X Wolf Nose Kit
Wolf Nose
Kid's Tiara & Sceptor
Kings Sceptor
Large Feather Angel Wings
St. Patrick Vest (Prismatic)
T-Pins 2"
2 oz Bottle Travel Kit
PAR 36
PAR46 Socket
PAR56 & PAR64 Socket
HPL Socket
120W BR40 Colored Flood Amber
120W BR40 Colored Flood Blue
120W BR40 Colored Flood Green
120W BR40 Colored Flood Pink
Stretch Lace
Zebra Stretch Tricot Spandex
Imperial Tiara
Princess Tiara
Heavy Duty Pipe Clamp
Reindeer w/Mascot Head
Rainbow Marabou Boa
Mini Snow Machine
Snow Machine
PAR 64 Can
Clear Fog Fluid: 1L
Clear Fog Fluid: 4L
Light Fog Fluid: 1 L
Light Fog Fluid: 4 L
Gaffers Tape Yellow
Gaffers Tape Black
Gaffers Tape Blue
Gaffers Tape Brown
Gaffers Tape Electric Blue
Gaffers Tape Green
Gaffers Tape Gray
Gaffers Tape Light Blue
Gaffers Tape Red
Gaffers Tape Tan
Gaffers Tape White
Gaffers Tape Flo Yellow
Gaffers Tape Flo Pink
Gaffers Tape Flo Orange
Gaffers Tape Flo Green
10 Pound Sandbag
Cirrus Laser Light
25 Pound Sandbag
50 Pound Sandbag
75 Pound Pandbag
100 Pound Sandbag
150 Pound Sandbag
200 Pound Sandbag
Claw Head Boppers
Shamrock Head Boppers
Flying Pig Hat
Iridescent Crab Hat
Large Diamond Bling Ring
Vendetta ™ Mask
Vendetta ™ Hat
Mayor of Munchkinland
Big Tex Holster & Gun Set
Faux Leather Pirate Hat
Aviator / Racer Cap
Devil Carnival Half Mask w/Ties
Red and Black Carnival Mask
Black Carnival Mask W/Feathers
Mardi Gras Long Nose Mask
Bat Half Mask *DS*
Mini Glitter Topper Hat
Mini Pirate Hat Topper
Carnival Mask W/Laser Fringe
Plush Viking Hat W/Braids
Wolf Ears & Tail Set
Ladie's Turban
Western Cowboy Hat
Tea Stain Western Hat W/Band
Deluxe King Crown w/Plush Trim
Chinese Army Cap *DS*
5375 Off Broadway Navy
5380 Off Broadway Van Dyke Brown
Rosco Flamex DF
Rosco Flamex PC
Snake Venechia w/Foil *DS*
Graffiti Spandex w/Foil
Ben Nye Banana Luxury Powder Shaker
Plastic Leg Guards
Bat Breakup
Soft Web
Skull & Crossbones
Trick or Treat
Haunted House
Ghost 1
Happy Pumpkin
Billy Bob Braces
Ring Caps (12 shot)
Matte Foundation Brazil Nut
Wave Sequin Stretch
Embroidered Flower Net *DS*
Santa Hat (Metallic)
Houndstooth Print Fedora
Mini Top Hat w/Feather
Decorative Cat Mask
Fancy Feathered Headband
Horse Head Hat
Hairy Wolf Feet Slippers
Boot Spats w/Fur
Rhinestone Knot Buckle
Rhinestone Teardrop Applique
Fiesty Cat Stretch
Nebula Jewel Stretch
Sequin Mardi Gras Fedora
Snowflake Gleam'n Curtain
Temptation Knit *DS*
Age Effects Wheel CK-8
Santa Hat W/Zebra Trim
Mr. 50's Glasses
Bug Eye Glasses
Cupid Kit
Deluxe Elvis
Jumbo Mirror Ball Necklace
Multi Mirror Ball Necklace
Sequin Zebra Fedora
Olympic Medal on Ribbon
Pressed Eye Shadow ES-69 Caribbean
.22cal Blanks-Longs
Gas Mask Goggles
Aviator Goggles
Desert Storm Pistol 9mm
Chandelle Boa with Coque
Eagle Medal Pin *DS*
Pilot Wings Pin
Antique Look Copper Cuff
Antenna Headband
Cloche Hat
Animal Costume Kit
Patriotic Stadium Horn
Hippie Glasses W/Green Lenses
Circus Sweetie Mini-Clown Hat
Metal Denim Stretch
My Face Painting Palette
Face Paint Color Cup
Colossal Stage Crate Short Strap
Regular Stage Crate Short Strap
Stage Crate Shoulder Strap
Bling Ring Set
Metallic Loop Trim
Loop Trim with Edge
Fancy Loop Trim
120W BR40 Colored Flood Yellow
Stage Crate Cooler Insert
Scottie Costume
Tri-Color Metallic Trim
Award Ribbon
Peace Sign Hat
USA Flag Boppers *DS*
Tie-Dye Print Mesh w/Glitter
Pleated Tulle W/Sequins
Spanish Hat w/Ball Trim
Chainette Fringe (Off White)
3-D Campfire Centerpiece
Rainbow Fabric Bunting
Rainbow Flags (DZ)
Colossal Stage Crate
Regular Stage Crate
Faceted Rhinestone Button
Cowboy Boot Photo / Balloon Holder
Barn Siding Backdrop
Wagon Wheel
Saloon Door Cover
Bambino Sequin Mesh
Sophia Lace
Hot Stuff Mesh
Arriba Spandex
Monkey Mascot
Referee (Inflatable)
Military Medals w/Pin
Warrior Sword 36"
Lodge Hat w/Horns
Velvet Sequin Fish Hat
Squid Hat
Giraffe Plush Hat
Gold and Black Carnival Mask
Sailor Hat w/Blue Ribbon
Gold Glitter Crown
Gold Glitter Jewel Sceptor
Lace & Velvet Cat Mask
Mini Sombrero Hat
Faux Suede Fedora
Camou Army Helmet
Satin Top Hat w/Faux Rhinestones
Glitter Fedora
Elf Ear Tips
Roman Helmet
Mini Glitter Crown
Lace Mask W/Flower
Mini Elf Hat w/Ears
Mini Neon Top Hat
Marilyn Monroe Dress
Waldo Costume Kit
Madhatter Fur Hat
Ant Hat (Kid's)
Grasshopper Hat (Kid's)
Bumblebee Hat (Kid's)
Doctor Who Scarf 6'
Whoopee Cushion
Comedy / Tragedy Balloon
5th Avenue Flapper
Queen Cleopatra
Juliet Dress & Headpiece *DS*
Lady Caesar
Animal Print Venechia w/Foil
Knot Rhinestone Trim
Diamond Rhinestone Motif
Fancy Half Mask w/Glitter
Multi Color Shag Hat
Python 6'
Angry Baby Face Mask
Gothic Enchantress
Grinch Full Mask ™
Grinch ™ Gloves
Cat In The Hat ™ Costume
Roast Beef w/Slices
Grilled Chicken Breast
Fox Hoodie
Beaded Flower Vine Trim
Beaded Flower & Swirl Trim
Diamond w/Oval Rhinestone Applique
Two-Tone Sequins on Mesh
Sequins on Stretch Velvet
Faux Fox Fur
French Cord Lace
French Cord & Bead Lace
Holiday Cookies (3)
Felt Sombrero w/Gold Trim
Medieval Shield
Bridal Frame (Ultrastraw)
Giant Plush Stocking 5'
Oyster on The Half Shell
Roasted Turkey Leg
Owl Hoodie
Steampunk Pocket Watch
Turkey Prop W/Stuffing
Garlic Garland
Creme Foundation P-023 Pure Ivory
Creme Foundation TW-25 Amber Lite*DS*
Creme Foundation TW-26 Amber *DS*
Matte Vinyl Stretch
Music Note Photo/Balloon Holder
Men's Roman Sandals
Beaded Sequin & Gem Motif
Gaffers Tape Light Green
Improv Ideas 2
Just Me (100 Monologues for Teens)
Twisted Mardi Gras Beads
Pearls by the Yard
Chic Sequins on Mesh
Funky Neon Sequin Mesh
Dr. Seuss Accessory Kit
Hook & Loop Roll
Conductor Mask
Skull Mask w/Partial Chest
WW2 Private Soldier
Roman Column Cutout
Nude Lining
Round Silk Oriental Fan
Fancy Flower Headband
Musical Washboard
Teardrop (Buckram) Small
Teardrop (Ultrastraw) Small
German Alpine Hat
Mod Dress & Hat
Long Grandma Wig
Embroidered & Corded Tulle
Cut-out Embroidered Tulle
Card Suit Hat
Bead & Rhinestone Loop Applique
Tropical Palm Leaves
Fish Whirls
Airline Hostess
Weeping Angel Mask
Bloody Handprints
MorphMask ™ Killer Clown
MorphMask ™ Zombie
Neo Tie Dye Stretch
MorphMask ™ Glow Skeleton
Organza Full Tutu
Organza Rainbow Tutu
Anklets With Lace
Hairy 'Stache
Fancy Black Fairy Wings
Cleopatra Girl Costume
Gypsy Girl Costume
Magical Gypsy Costume
Classic Nurse Costume
Renaissance Girl Costume *DS*
Flapper Girl Costume
Hunk Wig
Mini Spiral Santa Hat
Mini Sailor Hat Headband
Mini Captain Headband
Filigree Jeweled Crown
Gypsy Mask
Nurse Cross Print Thigh Highs
Neon Sequin Fedora
Red Ladies Hat w/Veil
Iridescent Jelly Fish Hat
Furry Fox Hat
Felt Fedora w/Satin Band
Fancy Turban w/Black Feather
Ancient Knight Helmet
Medieval Warrior Helmet
Neptunes Trident Weapon
Taxi Driver Cap
Mountain Man Beard
German Spiked Helmet
Deluxe Pork Pie Hat
Pulcinella Mask
Custom Fangs Viper by Scarecrow™
Slice of Rye
Realistic Link Chain
Keystone Cop Hat (Plastic)
Place Rosette Ribbon
Cat In The Hat™ Headband
Large Mouse Ears & Tail
Maleficent Horns
Rave Lace
Gatsby Mesh
Female Flapper Skull Mask
Renaissance Collar & Cuff Set
Jungle Tiger Nose
Dancing Lightning Spandex
Policeman (Child)
Dorothy Dress (LG)
Egyptian Ring Bracelets
Egyptian Beaded Choker
Mythical Greek Mask
Speckled Carnival Mask
TX Longhorn Headband
USA Flag Dress
Lock and Chain
Forest Robin Hood Costume
Pirate Skull Mask
Rudolph Hoodie
Peacock Burst Tiara 1 1/2"
Teardrop & Curls Tiara 1 1/2"H
Mini Rhinestone Tiara 1 1/4"H
Scallions (Bunch)
Fuzzy Dice
Insta-Tux Shirt Front & Bow
Cyberman Vacuform Mask
Traffic Stop Light Lamp
LED Open Sign
Mini Disco Party Lights
Plastic Longhorn Skull
Western Face Masks
Brown Cowboy Hat w/Chin Strap
Red Bandana Pennant Banner
Satin Sleek Derby
Long Robe (Natural)
Flames Backdrop
Cow Print Cowboy Hat
Sea Sponge 3"
Tiki Paper Lanterns
Star Paper Lanterns
Ice Tea With Lemon Glass
Winchester Mustache
Oktoberfest Whirls
Heavenly Angel
Sassy Cook Wig
Twill Spandex Denim 58"
Lipstick LS-40 Pink Grapefruit *DS*
Marabou Fan W/Peacock
Mickey or Minnie Ears
Clown Collar & Cuffs Set
Spirit Gum & Remover Kit
Maui Lei
Maui Bracelet
Maui Headband
Wood Tambourine w/out Head
Honey Bear Mascot
Mermaid Dress
Prince Charming Jacket
Grey Wizard Robe & Hat
Sardines (4)
Realistic Lobster
Fu Manchu Mustache & Beard
King Pin Fedora
Child's Doctor Lab Coat
Prince Costume (Child)
Peg Bouffant Wig
Princess (Child)
Story Book Princess
US M-16 Rifle Replica
Faux Suede Tricorne Hat
Mardi Gras Crown Wrap
Metallic Turban
Hippie Headband w/Beads
Vinyl Suspenders
Native American Indian Kit
Reindeer Glasses
Happy Holiday Reindeer Antlers
Mini Queen Crown w/Gems
Mini Mardi Gras Hat Topper
Pilot Costume Kit
Metallic Suspenders
Rainbow Wings & Wand Set (Child)
Morph Monster Clown Mask
Frozen Snowflakes Backdrop
Mouth Mover Pug Mask
Space Man Helmet
Toy Story Alien Head
Barking Dog Skeleton
Fantastic Storm Glow Stretch
Zebra Print Venecia Stretch
Foil Over Psychedelic Print
Poly-Mesh w/Dual Color Sequins
St Michaels' Gothic Sword 32"
Large Petal Pastel Leis (12) *CO*
Billionaire Wig
Giraffe Costume Kit
Royal Guard Bearskin Hat
Mouth Mover Wolf Mask
Zombie Wheel
Jumbo Shackles (single)
Arabian Night Metallic Mesh
1950's Flip Wig
Mardi Gras Hologram Lame'
Zootopia Judy Hopps Hat
Ballamos Holo Zebra Stretch
Lava Lamp Spandex 58"
Neon Tracks Spandex 58"
Paint Fling Spandex
Cosas Del Amor Sequin Mesh
Hillary Wig
Neon String Top Hat
Neon String Top Hat (Mini)
Deluxe Felt Trilby Hat
Bobby Soxer Kit
Hippie Costume Kit
Pirate Mustache and Beard
Day Of The Dead Rose Headband
Mini Metallic Cowboy Hat
Cleopatra Eye Mask
Metallic Zip Neck Tie
Flapper Accessory Kit
Devil Mask w/Hood
Medieval Pewter Crown
Ups and Downs: Elementary Monologues
Mouth Mover Gorilla Mask
Tiger Mask Full
Fake Boulder
Brandy Snifter
Liquid Makeup 1oz.

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